As Taysom Hill heads to COVID-19 reserve, Ian Book will start for the Saints

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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It’s better to be lucky than good, and the Dolphins have drawn a favorable card.

With Saints quarterback Trevor Siemian already out due to a positive COVID test, NFL Media reports that Taysom Hill is heading to COVID-19 reserve, too. This means that Ian Book will start for the Saints on Monday night against the Dolphins.

Book, a fourth-round pick in the 2021 draft from Notre Dame, becomes the fourth quarterback to start for the Saints this season. And it comes at a time when the Saints, now 7-7, are hoping to parlay Sunday night’s 9-0 win over the Bucs into a playoff berth.

The reporting from NFL Media implies that Hill isn’t vaccinated, because NFL Media isn’t reporting that Hill tested positive. Only unvaccinated players can be shelved for five days as a close contact with an infected person.

So Siemian tests positive, Hill is a close contact, and Hill is out for Monday night.

The move enhances Miami’s opportunity to continue a six-game winning streak and to potentially push their record to 8-7.

21 responses to “As Taysom Hill heads to COVID-19 reserve, Ian Book will start for the Saints

  1. themattbus says:
    December 23, 2021 at 12:17 pm
    At what point does someone call BS on the 90%+ rate the NFL claimed was vaccinated?


    Do you understand that you can still carry or even be infected by the virus and still be vaccinated? It isn’t some kind of wonder drug that scrubs the virus off you when you come into contact with it. Just gives your body some extra antibodies to fight it with.

  2. As a Dolphin fan, this should be an advantage for the defense. The problem is the offense will gift wrap a couple free red zone appearances.

  3. So many covid cases in NFL so few symptoms…
    Proves the vaccine is doing what it’s supposed to.

  4. I would not underestimate Ian Book at all if I am Miami. He is an athletic QB and can make plays out of nothing and find ways to win. He is QB that got graded down due to arm strength and size. He is a gamer and I expect him to take full advantage of the opportunity

  5. Sounds like we’re in for another Monday night snoozer…it can’t possibly be worse than last week’s Raider/Browns Vikes/Bears contests. Can it?

  6. Probably a reason Book has been avoided at all costs by Payton thus far.. our defense is good enough to win any game. We’ll just see how hard the offense makes it. That of course implies the ineptitude of the dolphins… though they are due a dud

  7. teknision1200 says:
    December 23, 2021 at 12:46 pm
    Being vaccinated does not mean you can’t get covid; it lessens the symptoms. That is what we are seeing now. Most players have NO symptoms.

    Being vaccinated does not mean you can’t get covid, it also lessens the damage to you and your
    future health.

  8. Watching Ian Book play NFL football should be hilarious. Fantasy players, pick up the Dolphins defense.

  9. Both starting tackles sure to remain out injured just to help Ian Book in his first start,but no, I’m not bitter about this entire season.

  10. “Probably a reason Book has been avoided at all costs by Payton thus far.”

    They kept him on the roster since day 1 as a 4th QB just so other teams would not pick him up. With three QBs ahead of him that all have been starting NFL quarterbacks when should Payton have not avoided playing a rookie 4th round pick?

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