Julio Jones has been a disappointment for the Titans, so far

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Rams
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One of the more intriguing moves of the 2021 offseason happened when the Titans sent a 2022 second-round pick to the Falcons for veteran receiver Julio Jones in June. Through 14 games, it hasn’t worked the way Tennessee had hoped.

Jones has appeared in only eight games. He has a mere 25 catches for 369 yards and zero touchdowns.

That’s hardly the kind of performance that will make the Titans feel good about paying him $11.513 million in 2022. The question then becomes whether and to what extent Jones would take less — from Tennessee or anyone else.

While some players will keep playing as long as they can for whatever they can get, others won’t compromise their expectations. What will Jones do if/when no one wants to give him high-end money?

We may be finding out after the season, because it will be very difficult for the Titans to justify paying Jones that kind of money for next year. And if they’re doing it simply because they gave up a 2022 second-round pick to get him, that’s definitely the wrong reason.

All that said, there’s still time for Jones to turn back the clock and show the Titans why they did what they did to get him. That effort, if it’s going to happen, needs to start tonight against the 49ers.

13 responses to “Julio Jones has been a disappointment for the Titans, so far

  1. It was a wasted trade. I’m sure they could’ve taken a WR with that pick that would’ve put up comparable if not better numbers. I would say Julio is toast at this point and to be honest it seems like he’s becoming a malcontent with his lack of targets. He’d make an OK 3rd or 4th receiver but I don’t think he’s worth starting any longer.

  2. I’m sure Titans fans will be watching & tracking any WR drafted in the 2nd round by any team.

  3. “This is the guy Green Bay needs to get to put them over the top,” was said many times.

  4. Man and Jones was looking for a raise, now he’s going to be asked to take a pay cut and in all probability be cut. Hope he was smart with his money.

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