Mac Jones: Last week is a learning experience, I have to play better

NFL: DEC 18 Patriots at Colts
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The Patriots had their seven-game winning streak come to an end against the Colts last Saturday and rookie quarterback Mac Jones had one of his worst outings of the year during the defeat.

Jones posted his lowest completion percentage since Week Eight and threw multiple interceptions for the first time since Week Three in the 27-17 loss. The Patriots now have to turn their attention to a game against the Bills and Jones was asked at a Wednesday press conference how he turns the page on a rocky outing.

“I think every experience is a learning experience,” Jones said. “Everyone’s different. Everyone comes from different places, but whether you win or you lose, you can still learn. In college, you lose games and you have to learn from it. In the NFL, obviously, it’s hard to win, so you have to learn from the errors you make personally, which are the most important because that’s how it affects the team. I’m always very hard on myself because if I don’t play great, then it affects the people around me. Those guys are playing really well and I can play a lot better. It just goes back to me.”

Jones wasn’t asked to do much more than hand off the first time the Patriots faced the Bills and it’s likely that he’ll have to take on a bigger role this weekend. If he doesn’t fare better than he did last Saturday, the AFC East race could get more interesting in the final couple of weeks.

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  1. Kinda loving the lack of attention the Bills are getting- if the Bills win, the AFC East is theirs. Sure it’ll get more interesting watching the Pats try to hold off the Dolphins in Week 18

  2. There is a blueprint to beat the Bills – but there is also one for the Pats.

    Teams that rely on the run & D generally have a tough time when they get down by more than a score. The Patriots were able to play to their strengths in the last game and dictate the pace after grabbing the early lead.

    Here’s hoping that the Bills can flip that script, and force them to throw.

  3. I think MJones’ ceiling is higher than Garoppolo, but so what. I don’t really get the backlash against JG. He missed a throw in the SBowl when his D was collapsing. He’s been hurt a lot. Jones hasn’t, so far. jG is in the top half of the league for QBs and has been to a SBowl. You can win with him.

  4. When your coach only calls three pass plays in an entire game, it’s no wonder Mac’s confidence is shaken.

  5. He’s a rookie! Not all rookies come out like Justin Herbert did last year and even he had a couple of tough games this and last year against really good defenses.

    QBs really need about 3 years to settle in, even if they’re successful in the 1st year. He’s fine!

  6. I’ve said all along that Mac Jones is not as good as the media would have you believe, he’s very poor in clutch situations and the red zone! The Pats owe their winning run to their defence, if you have to rely on your defence all the time, sooner or later it will catch up with you, I don’t think the Bills or the weather will be as bad again.

  7. When your coach calls a game plan that wins the game, I don’t think it shakes a QB’s confidence. Unless he’s a diva.

  8. The verdict is still out on Mac. Defenses will adjust like they did toward Lamar Jackson and the coaching staff has to work with the young man through the difficulties.

  9. I don’t get all the handwringing, second-guessing, and crap-talking when a rookie QB throws two picks against a good team on the road, in an electric, hostile environment. Did anybody notice that he threw two TD’s in the second half and helped get his team back into it at the end? Sure, he had a lousy start. But so did the rest of the team. More important, if you ask me, is the character Mac and the Pats showed in making it a game. Mac’s still learning pro football. But character’s not something you learn.

  10. When Mac was doing well the haters said it was too soon to say he was good. Now that he had one off game the same haters say he stinks.

    Probably the same one who said that Amendola was a bust during his first two years. Must be millennial instant gratification syndrome.

  11. Again, hes a rookie. 69% completion, 18 tds, 10 int. His yards per att is 7.4 , Brady is 7.4, Allen is 7.3…..hes still learning. He has a ton of upside, mostly in the mental side of the game, which is the most important part. If you think hes hit his ceiling, you are going to be disappointed in the future.

  12. One of the picks wasn’t necessarily a bad pass but in fact was a great defensive play. The other was in fact a bad pass. I’m curious how much the noise level might have affected him, there were a few times he seemed to be struggling with it.

  13. Mac has work to do this off-season but I have no doubt he will be fine and the Patriots will be very happy with their QB. For 2021 the Patriots could have done a lot worse. They could have stuck with Cant Newton. Or imagine the Patriots trading a 2022 first round to move up for Justin Fields and his 73 passer rating. 😱

  14. Defenses will NOT adjust to MJones, because he is a smart QB, with a brilliant OC. Teams ARE adjusting to LJackson because he isn’t an NFL QB.

  15. Right now, he’s the ultimate game manager. He’s not giving opposing DC’s nightmares or anything.

    “Game manager” isn’t a bad thing, and I think the Patriots found their guy for the long term. But he was overhyped the 1st half of the season. He’s really the guy who scouts said he was – the most pro ready, but limited skills & a lower ceiling.

    Facing the Pats on Sunday, I’m much more concerned about their D and running game.

  16. This is one game. Things change in the NFL from week to week. It’s always been any given Sunday. Pats lost a game. Did u think they were going to run the table? They had a chance to win that game if their vaunted DEFENSE could have made a stop instead of giving up a TD. No QB is perfect, no Coach is perfect. Mac Jones is alright for a rookie, hope he has long career. We gonna need him as football fans once the Old Guard QB’s leave the game.

  17. MJones is not scaring DC around the league, at this point. Fine. The book on JAllen is, keep him in the pocket, behind a bad OLine, and wait for him to screw up. They can’t run the FB or defend the run. Pats are in their heads, including the coach. Pats will smoke the Bills on Sunday. They’re not the team that got badly beaten by the Colts.

  18. Why aren’t the Pats the team that got beaten by the Colts? That was less than a week ago.

    That’s exactly who they are. They can run & play w/ a lead, but when they get behind, they’re more limited and easier to beat. Mac can’t carry the team on his back like Allen can.

    That’s the key for the Bills. Getting the lead. If they don’t, sure the Pats can win.

    But it would be cool if they didn’t. Quite a few Pats fans celebrated the division title a couple of weeks back. If NE doesn’t win Sunday, they’re right back in 2nd.

  19. Against the Colts defense

    Josh Allen at home – 21/35. 209 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT
    Mac Jones on the road – 26/45, 299 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT

    Keep in mind Josh Allen is an established QB with weapons while Mac Jones is a rookie throwing to no name receivers. Yet Buffalo fans would like you believe Mac has been exposed. We’ll see what happens on Sunday.

  20. Quite a few Pats fans celebrated the division title a couple of weeks back. If NE doesn’t win Sunday, they’re right back in 2nd.


    Did you forget how you and most Bills fans claimed the division in March for the next 10 years, and now you are all claiming victory on Sunday too. I guess its OK for Bills fans to do it, but its wrong if Pats fans do it?

  21. Mac played his worst and still threw for 300 and two td’s while leading a second half come back to cut it too 3points in spite of the turnovers that kid is a gamer.

  22. Tampa Bay Tommy lovers wanting this guy to fail 😂

    Better hide their Microsoft tablets so they don’t imitate their hero! 😬

  23. I keep reading how it took Josh Allen until his 3rd season to come into his own but everyone wants to judge Mac on a game or 2. It will be 4 or 5 seasons before we really know. For me I think the Patriots have their man who will keep getting better season by season
    Hes been a Joy to watch after Cam. I like Cam just not as my teams QB.but he served bills purpose, he gaves them someone to play the position while he rebuilt the team

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