“No discussions” on changing the status of any Week 16 game

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Last week at this time, things were getting dicey for a trio of Week 15 games. Eventually, three games were moved by two days each.

This week, with several teams having COVID-19 reserve lists in the double digits, the NFL has not yet activated any process for considering whether to take action.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT that there have been “no discussion of changing the status of any game.”

The Texans currently have 21 players on COVID-19 reserve. The Jets are up to 19. The Ravens have 15. And the Saints, after putting nine on COVID-19 reserve today, have 11 — and possibly counting.

As one source connected to one of the six teams affected by last week’s postponements, the magic minimum number for playing lands in the range of 44, with 21 offensive players (two quarterbacks, seven offensive linemen), 20 defensive players, and three specialists (kicker, punter, snapper).

The Texans currently have four offensive linemen on COVID-19 reserve, five on the active roster, and three on the practice squad.

Things can change quickly. Jaguars-Jets, Ravens-Bengals, and Chargers-Texans are set for Sunday. The Saints host the Dolphins on Monday night.

11 responses to ““No discussions” on changing the status of any Week 16 game

  1. Once they opened the can of worms of moving games, any refusal to do so now will be unfair. It was unfair to do it at all, but it’s only right to do it for all teams if you do it for a select few. But then when was the NFL interested in fairness?

  2. We all knew once they moved a couple games they were going to feel the pressure to move many more and rightly so. Sometimes I wonder how smart the people running this league really are.

  3. Not sure how you can justify favoring some teams and now not do the same for others.

    Will be interesting if some team files a lawsuit against the NFL for showing favoritism when it ended up costing them making the playoffs.

  4. “No discussions.” If you believe that, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell you.

  5. Why is the amount of players that could miss a game the benchmark of changing a game date? Why not the significance of the players that may miss? Simply put if the Chiefs don’t have Kelce and Hill, they’re not going to win. Those 2 would be more valuable than say, if the whole Jets roster got Covid.

  6. If the Omicron wave peaks the same over there as it’s predicted to over here (end of January/beginning of February) the play-offs and Superbowl will have some interesting line ups.

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