Thursday Night Football: Randy Bullock 44-yard FG lifts Titans over 49ers

San Francisco 49ers v Tennessee Titans
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The Tennessee Titans overcome a 10-0 halftime deficit that saw them out-gained by a 191-55 margin to beat the San Francisco 49ers 20-17 on a 44-yard field goal from Randy Bullock with four seconds left to play.

A.J. Brown had six catches for 121 yards in the second half alone as part of a 145-yard night for the Titans to spark their second half rally.

The Titans gained as many yards on the first drive of the third quarter as they had in the first 30 minutes of the game. The drive led to a 38-yard Bullock field goal to give Tennessee their first points of the night and cut the lead to 10-3.

After Jimmy Garoppolo‘s second interception of the night, D'Onta Foreman scored on a 3-yard run to tie the game at 10-10 midway through the third quarter.

The 49ers moved into Tennessee territory and were set to go for a fourth-and-1 from the Titans’ 35-yard line only for Trent Williams to false start and make it fourth-and-6. The 49ers still went for the conversion with Garoppolo and Brandon Aiyuk missing a connection to turn the ball over on downs.

Brown bailed the Titans out with a jump ball catch of a Tannehill prayer throw on third-and-23 to keep the Tennessee drive marching forward. Brown added a 12-yard catch as well before an 18-yard strike from Tannehill got Tennessee back in the end zone to give them their first lead of the night at 17-10 with 13:02 left to play.

After a Brett Kern punt pinned the 49ers back at their own 5-yard line, their offense finally put together a big drive. A 15-yard catch from Kyle Juszczyk got the 49ers off their own goal line and a 56-yard catch-and-run through the Titans defense moved San Francisco into scoring territory. Two plays later, Garoppolo found Aiyuk wide open on a 2-yard touchdown to bring the game level again with 2:20 remaining.

Tannehill cut through the 49ers defense on a critical 23-yard scramble to move into field goal range with just over a minute left to play. San Francisco would force the field goal attempt but Bullock delivered the dagger to give Tennessee the victory.

Tannehill finished the night completing 22-of-29 passes for 209 yards with a touchdown for Tennessee.

The 49ers should have had a much larger lead in the first half. They marched 75 yards on their opening drive with Jeff Wilson Jr. scoring on a 1-yard touchdown to take the early 7-0 lead. They were rolling again on their second drive as well with a 72-yard drive down to the Tennessee 8-yard line. However, Jackrabbit Jenkins picked off Garoppolo in the end zone on a pass intended for George Kittle to turn the 49ers away without points.

Robbie Gould added a 48-yard field goal to give the 49ers a 10-0 lead midway through the second quarter.

Deebo Samuel had 159 yards on nine receptions for San Francisco. Garoppolo finished 26-of-35 for 322 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions.

The Titans will win the AFC South if the Indianapolis Colts lose on the road at the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday.

30 responses to “Thursday Night Football: Randy Bullock 44-yard FG lifts Titans over 49ers

  1. Jimmy G showing everybody why the Pats were so willing to move him. He’s almost good 95% of the time, but that other 5% costs games. Showed it again tonight.

  2. Thanks for nothing, Jimmy G. A truly horrendous performance that destroyed his team’s momentum. SF was utterly dominating the night, minus his awful play…

  3. The 49ers showed to play which is hard to do for a road team on Thursday Night Football. The coaches and the players. The difference in the game was they had Ryan Tannenhill and we had Jimmy Garoppolo. Our QB wetted the ned and cost us the game, and their defensive players could force turnovers and ours cant. Kyle is a great coach but there’s only so much a coach can do with a QB like Jimmy. If the 49ers want to be a championship contender they need a new QB1. 3rd week in the row we were shut down in the 2nd half.

  4. badrobot74 says:
    December 23, 2021 at 11:29 pm
    Jimmy G showing everybody why the Pats were so willing to move him. He’s almost good 95% of the time, but that other 5% costs games. Showed it again tonight.


    So agree with this comment. I was watching this game feeling sick after he threw in INT in the end zone. Then he misses a wide open Kyle J who would have walked in. Then he throws an INT that results in 7 points for the Titans. Full credit for Titans for the win. As a 9ers fan I thought the way the first half of the game was going we’d have blown out the Titans. It’s a 21 point swing.
    With all the weapons 9ers have, we need a new QB.

  5. I can only imagine what Mac Jones could have been doing with the Niners right now and they would have saved a boatload of draft picks.

  6. So nice to see Int. Jimmy G back to his prime season form! His two-pick per game average is something lesser multi-million dollar quarterback shall strive for!

  7. Biggest blunder was the supposed best LT in the league False Start on a 4th and 1. Better team won.

  8. Shanny tries to stop picks by Int Jimmy G by having him only throw to the sidelines. Sadly, Jimmy G has a mind of his own.

  9. tgsot says:
    December 23, 2021 at 11:59 pm
    Good to see the NFC west still has a Jared Goff as long as SF keeps Jimmy G around.

    The difference is that Goff can actually beat the Cardinals.

  10. Season over Niner fans. Jimmy G sucks as usual. Inaccurate and can’t throw the ball more than ten yards. But wait for it, you mortgaged the future for Trey Lance, and he can’t read defenses and he throws a hard wobbly, inaccurate ball. Bye bye Shanahan, and bye bye Lynch. Guess Shanahan isnt a genius after all.

  11. Trey needs to start. What’s the worst that can happen (barring injury obviously)? An SF loss? That’s gonna happen anyway if your team is counting on Garappolo to make game winning plays. The other option is to just hand the ball off 40 times… in any case, Shanny has no choice but to take the ball out if Jimmy’s hands. He’s a liability at this point for this team.

  12. I know I’m losing my mind but was this thew same crew of officials from the Rams game? The way the flags were flying especially for that phantom face mask call. I guess the league figured if we keep’em moving around the country people won’t believe it’s the same blind mice throwing all those yellow hankies.

  13. Start of the year 49ers could score in the first half. Now we can’t score in the second.

    Brutal losses this year. All self inflicted.

  14. Both teams stink and they both need a new QB. Titans without Henry are a terrible team and the 49ers just stink. Too many mistakes in the red zone for the Niners

  15. I am so sick of the slobber over Trent Williams – he hasn’t been good for years – he is highly overrated and his actions last night did as much damage as Jimmy’s donations to the Tiny Titans.

  16. Lets see the 49ers passed on Tom Brady……………..TWICE!!!!! And they passed on Mac Jones. FIRE THESE IDIOTS

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