Vikings will not have Dalvin Cook Sunday

Pittsburgh Steelers v Minnesota Vikings
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After word broke that Vikings running back Dalvin Cook was on the COVID-19 reserve list, a number of reporters covering the team reported that he was unvaccinated and would not play against the Rams this weekend.

Vikings offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak confirmed that Cook will not be available to play this weekend when he held a press conference a short time later. Cook’s absence

“Big challenge not having Dalvin. . . . I know he’s going to be bummed out. We’ll get him back at some point,” Kubiak said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press.

Alexander Mattison was activated from the COVID-19 reserve list this week and will move into the lead back role he’s filled when Cook has missed time in the past. Kubiak said the team has “all the confidence in the world” in Mattison and they’ll be looking for him to play well as they work to remain in playoff position in the NFC.

29 responses to “Vikings will not have Dalvin Cook Sunday

  1. As good as Dalvin is — and I don’t think he’s a superstar — he’s unreliable and will burn out of the league in four more years.

  2. So there isn’t an I in team after all, Dalvin. Way to go, buddy. Class act, respects others and does whatever he has to do for the team. #science #commonsense

  3. “I’d do anything for this team. Anything to win.” – Dalvin Cook, 12/10/21. Well, not anything, right, Dalvin?

  4. I’m honestly surprised the team and league didn’t just sweep this under the rug like they did with Cook’s terrible assault on that young woman last year.
    The pictures were horrific.
    I’m not sure why this Minnesota team always gets beneficial treatment from the league offices, but it’s growing tiresome.

  5. Nobody else suspicious as to why Goodells 2 favorite teams, Tampa and NE, continue to be the only teams that never have a positive covid case?

  6. Yeah, but does he have any symptoms? If not, players should not be told they can’t play. 65,000 fans in the stands with no masks and no vaccine concerns can sit next to one another for 3 hrs but let’s worry about the players spreading it during a game??? Stop testing athletes unless they are sick.

  7. As good as Dalvin is — and I don’t think he’s a superstar


    I’ve thought the same thing. He has so many carries that go for 15-20 yards that a truly elite/superstar running back like AP would have taken for a TD.

  8. Cook turns out to be made of glass. He’s not worthy of the constant high rankings that fantasy experts give him

  9. erinrodgers12 says:
    December 23, 2021 at 2:23 pm
    Mattison will carry the load just fine.
    Translation: Mattison and Cook are essentially the same RB, therefore neither is elite, just good.

  10. I’ve seen him be scary-impressive when he gets going. He dropped somewhat in the draft for criticism that he had to rid himself of the crowd he hung with. About a year ago I saw a Vikings official say he been the perfect team-player. Issues can come back at any time – hard to change character deep down.

  11. No Dalvin Cook huh? Time for AD, Von Miller, Leonard Floyd to tee off on Vikings other unvaccinated “star” Kirk Cousins.

  12. I still think Cousins is going to catch it at some point, probably the last week if we’re still in with a chance, that would be very Vikings.

  13. How does testing positive for Covid mean you are soft? So strong people only test negative? I’ll wait while this sinks in…..

  14. A team leader and a good team-mate gets vaccinated to remain available to play games under the NFL protocols. Like Rodgers, he is putting himself above the team, and like Rodgers, will likely cost the team a win. Zero excuses for that regardless of vax or anti-vax rationales.

  15. I thought the Rams would win before the news about Cook broke, and now I think it is an even safer bet.

  16. This could work out. Cousins is my starting fantasy QB replacing injured Lamar Jackson. With Calvin out, maybe the Vikes will fall way behind and he will score a ton of garbage time points. It’s the playoffs, need a big game from him.

  17. Spielman is the best gm in football. their third string back is one tackle from taking it to the barn, exceptionally fast. That’s the thing about the Vike’s, there next man up is a starter on most other teams. Missing Cook only means he’s not playing, doesn’t mean they lose a beat.
    Hey they have the best back, best receiver, two of the best tight ends and one of the top Qb’s in football and one of the best front fours. Tons of talent on both sides the ball and no one wants to meat them in the playoffs

  18. -Mattison and Cook are essentially the same RB, therefore neither is elite, just good.-
    No. They are not the same. Cook is elite.

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