A.J. Brown missed football while he was injured, and the Titans missed him

San Francisco 49ers v Tennessee Titans
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Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown had missed three straight games prior to Thursday night. He was glad to be back, and the Titans needed him.

Brown caught a career-high 11 passes on Thursday night, gaining 145 yards and for 145 yards and scoring the fourth-quarter touchdown that gave the Titans their first lead of the game. Afterward he talked about how much he missed playing.

“I am very grateful, just to play football again,” Brown said, via the Titans’ website. “I tweeted I missed playing football, because I did. I was on IR, watching the games. It was tough to watch. . . . This is what I love to do – I really feel like this is my purpose of living.”

The Titans are now 10-5 and currently the No. 2 team in the AFC. With Brown healthy in the playoffs, they’ll be a tough team to beat.

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  1. Apparantly so did the refs last night. He was a bull in a china shop. At one point he grabbed a defender, 10 yards down the field, threw him to the ground, finished his route uncovered and caught a huge 3rd down pass last night.

    The refs somehow missed the full extension of the arms on the shoulder pads when the dback went flying. Maybe they thought he was one of santa’s reindeer? The 49ers made plenty of mistakes but the difference between winning and losing is just a few plays and that one was the difference between 3rd and forever and 1st down on a TD drive for the titans.

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