Jimmy Garoppolo: Some good, some bad on Thursday night

San Francisco 49ers v Tennessee Titans
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The 49ers were able to drive for a game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter of Thursday’s game against the Titans, but there was time left for the Titans to drive for a game-winning field goal and it was hard to feel like the team should never have been in that position in the first place.

Jeff Wilson ran for a touchdown to cap the first possession of the game and the 49ers drove inside the 10 after forcing a quick punt, but Jimmy Garoppolo threw an interception in the end zone to end the drive without points. A field goal on the next possession put them up 10-0 and that’s how the first half ended despite the Titans being limited to 55 yards of offense through the first 30 minutes.

After the game, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said he thought his team “should have been up more” and the game would be tied midway through the third quarter after Garoppolo’s second interception of the game set up the Titans’ first touchdown. Garoppolo ended the night 26-of-35 for 322 and that fourth quarter touchdown pass, but any good was mitigated by the two turnovers.

“Some good, some bad,” Garoppolo said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “I’m trying to go through it in my head. We had a chance. . . . We got off to a good start and got the lead like we wanted to. We just hit a lull in the middle there and if we don’t hit that lull, I think it’s a totally different game.”

Shanahan said the turnovers weren’t totally on Garoppolo, but the quarterback always bears the brunt of interceptions and losses. That’s especially true of ones that hurt a team’s playoff hopes and Garoppolo will have to avoid similar mistakes the next two weeks if he wants to avoid blame for the team falling short of the postseason.

9 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo: Some good, some bad on Thursday night

  1. Jimmy G possesses all the game management and ball security skills of Brett Favre combined with the big play ability of Brian Hoyer.

  2. Jimmy G not only opened the door for Trey Lance in 2022 last night….he took the hinges off the door ! Too many mistakes and a lack of mobility when a play breaks down in what otherwise appears to be a high powered offense just isn’t gonna cut it next year.

  3. The coach is way overated, he thinks he’s the second coming of Bill Walsh, the media hypes him and the niners up all the time, he’s just an average coach, 2nd half shows you that, the qb is nothing more than a backup and the team is just a 500 team.

  4. C‘mon the Titans had no business whatsover of winning that game. Turnover in the Red Zone, overthrown receiver who was wide open (SB redux), turnover on 1st down at your own 20, those were all offensive gaffes that were part QB limitation as well as play calling mistakes: why don‘t you run after the opponent just scored. The 49ers could have easily reestablished their dominance in the game with one of their dominant drives that they have been capable of in the past and in the first half of the game. And how do you explain that AJ Brown five times catches 3rd and long passes wide open or in single coverage? It‘s not all on Jimmy G…..

  5. The coach has the distinction of being the only coach to blow a lead to Andy Reid in a big game, and Reid might be the worst crunch time coach in history.

  6. Turnovers are always bad.
    Jimmy G has two more games left and that’s that.
    Too bad. I really was hoping for his success. He just does not have it.

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