Mike Vrabel: People were planning our funeral, but we’re not dead yet

San Francisco 49ers v Tennessee Titans
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The Titans came into Thursday night’s game with three losses in their last four games and without the starting left side of their offensive line, which helped explain why the 49ers were favored to win on the road.

Anyone who picked the Niners likely felt good about that read at halftime. The Titans were down 10-0 and they’d only managed to gain 55 yards of offense through two quarters of action.

The second half played out differently. A field goal was followed by an interception that set up a D'Onta Foreman touchdown that tied the game and wide receiver A.J. Brown caught fire to help put the Titans in the lead and Ryan Tannehill led a game-winning drive in the final two minutes for a 20-17 win that gave Titans coach Mike Vrabel a chance to fire back at those doubting his team.

“We’ll figure out where everybody has us after this week,” Vrabel said, via Nick Gray of the Tennessean. “I mean, the funeral for the Titans was yesterday or today. But we’re not dead yet.

A Colts loss on Saturday will make the Titans AFC South champs and they can clinch a playoff spot with a variety of other results going their way, so the Titans are very much not dead and they have a couple more weeks to round into the kind of form that makes their rough patch feel like a distant memory.

10 responses to “Mike Vrabel: People were planning our funeral, but we’re not dead yet

  1. Titans are paper lions, and Henry won’t save them after being out for months. Also, how much confidence can Vrabel have in Tannehill after being a weekly turnover machine since Henry was injured?

  2. Weekly Turnover machine because AJ Brown AND Julio were out, not just Derrick Henry. Name the WRs he was throwing to before AJ Brown came back. Name the other WR opposite AJ Brown last night? Exactly.

  3. I gotta credit Vrabel as being one of the only Bellichik disciples that has demonstrated organizational prowess. No Brown, Julio, Henry, and they beat the Rams. They lose a great DLineman every year since their 2019 run. The offense has regressed in 2021 compared to the heights of 2019-20, yet they’d been the 1 seed for such a long time in 2021. Ryan Tannehill got otherwordly Yard Per Attempt numbers in the 8’s and 9’s; which is HOW Derrick Henry got unleashed. He’s been there since 2016 guys, and 100 yard performances were few, until Tannehil started punishing defenses mid 2019 for focusing solely on run fits. Its always always been the case, if you have no pass game, if safeties dont need to play deep, the RB doesn’t matter. Its simple math, you can block up 4 DL and 3 LB, (or 3 DL and 4LB) But The 8th and 9th defender has nobody who can block them. If he’s able to ignore pass keys, your run game is 0-3 YPC; assuming you can totally eliminate the front 7, which usually you can’t, they’re too good at block destruction to be on an NFL team.
    Only Adrian Peterson 2012 can gain yards, that’s a unicorn season, it defied physics. But could only win 10 games.
    If the Titans can beat the Rams, even without Henry, Jones and Aj Brown, I wouldn’t want to play them in Jan.

  4. Who was planning your funeral Vrabes? The moment the news came out that Henry could return for the playoffs coupled with having already beaten the Colts twice, most people assumed the Titans would win the division.

  5. “Also, how much confidence can Vrabel have in Tannehill after being a weekly turnover machine since Henry was injured?”
    Was Henry back yesterday? Because I missed him. And Vrabel’s confidence in Tannehill appear OK to me. You don’t call pass plays on 3rd and 23 if you believe your QB is a turnover machine.

  6. JimmyG gave the game away. 1 INT occurred in the end zone but SF shredded that feeble Tenn D up and down the field.

    I feel like every time I watch a SF game, somehow Shanahan blows it with bad coaching, too.

  7. The salty tears are going to be delicious when Henry comes back fresh and runs roughshod through the playoffs to the superbowl.

  8. Going into last night’s game they had lost three of their last four and with all the injuries it was hard to give them a chance of winning last night. But–hats off to them–they found a way to win. If they get Henry back for the playoffs nobody is going to want to play them. Henry will be well-rested too. They are not going to be an easy out.

    Those three losses? They had five turnovers against the Texans, 4 against the Patriots, and 4 against the Steelers. It’s hard to win a game when you turn the ball over 13 times in three games while your opponents have zero.

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