Nick Foles to start for Bears

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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After spending the entire season on the bench, Nick Foles is moving into the starting lineup for the Bears.

Bears head coach Matt Nagy announced today that Foles is the Bears’ starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Seahawks.

Nagy indicated that it’s unclear whether Justin Fields, who is battling an ankle injury, will be active as the backup, or not dress for the game at all. Andy Dalton has already been ruled out with a groin injury.

If neither Fields nor Dalton is active, the Bears would presumably promote quarterback Ryan Willis from the practice squad to the active roster to serve as Foles’ backup.

Foles started seven games for the Bears last year but has not played at all this year. In two stints with the Eagles Foles had one Pro Bowl season and one Super Bowl MVP-winning performance, but he’s had significantly less success in other stints with the Rams, Chiefs and Jaguars.

31 responses to “Nick Foles to start for Bears

  1. Ah, I thought it was time for that one game where Nick Foles plays at the Super Bowl MVP level and cons a GM into giving him a metric butt-load of money.

  2. I….I just can’t. How does this team always find yet another way to be wholly unwatchable? FML….being a Bears fan sucks.

  3. Foles is one of my all-time favorites. Great guy who also caught my favorite all-time NFL touchdown. But you kind of feel like this is the curtain call.

  4. At years start the only accurate Bear’s crystal ball prediction that has been proved correct was that the Bears will not likely go 8 and 8 again for the 3d time

  5. The Giants must be kind of mad that they may move down a draft slot with the Bears’ 1st overall pick if Nagy manages to steal a game or two before the end of the Nagy Era. Then again, maybe not……

  6. Nagy is as good as done in Chicago. When he used the kicker as a scapegoat for his inept play calling in that playoff game against the Eagles I knew he was a bum.

  7. If you watched the Vikings game closely he had open receivers over and over and didn’t find them. I am a Vikings fan but Fields inexperience is a big reason we won. Even A poor QB can hit a wide open man. Fields just got to rattled to find them. He needs some time but the Bears need help now.

  8. And the laughing at the Bears continues.. I remember Foles starting last season and he looked worse than a rookie. The first time he gets hit he folds up like a pretzel. He’s frail but rich. Just like Dalton.. and just like Glennon a couple of seasons ago . Not to mention Trubisky and Chase Daniel. What’s the one thing they all have in common?….Ryan Pace. Man, he can sure pick em….

  9. Danielle K says:
    December 24, 2021 at 4:15 pm
    Fields isn’t built for the NFL. Kid is already injury prone.


    C’mon, give him the chance to get injured in multiple seasons like Dalvin Cook before you proclaim he’s not worth the money or effort.

  10. I know Nagy will say injuries but really why now? The top 6 salary players for the Bears have not taken a snap in more than 50% of the Bear games this year.

  11. BDN is back! In all seriousness, his lack of success outside Philly is attributed to coaching, and bad luck (particularly with injuries). Nick EXCELS at the RPO-type offense. He might be the best ever at it. This was the case with Reid the first time, who knew how to use him. Chip’s early offense was perfect for him. And when Wentz went down, the coaches revamped the whole offense to suit Nick, and a SBMVP was the result. He got hurt in Jax and and is saddled with a bad Nagy team in Chicago. He was in KC for like a year, and was of course with perennial loser, Jeff Fisher. Plus, he just seems to love playing in Philly.

  12. Well, both of his eyes are facing the same direction so he can’t scan the field quite like Fields. But he’s got heart!

  13. No sense for Nagy to get Field more reps, Nagy will not be coaching next year. He tries not to play the rookies to undermine Pace.

  14. He should have been playing all year as the starter or #2 to Dalton. Fields has been set back a year by Nagy/Pace stupidity!

  15. Transvaccinated says:
    December 25, 2021 at 11:44 am
    He should have been playing all year as the starter or #2 to Dalton. Fields has been set back a year by Nagy/Pace stupidity!

    If it wasn’t for crybaby fans and butt hurt media types, dalton and foles would have played all year. Nagy said Fields wasn’t ready but they forced his hands.

  16. Typical Bear 1st half: made the Seahawks look light they were ready for a Super Bowl run rather than the lousy team they are. At least we are assured there will be no Fields in the 2nd half so we can’t listen to the announcers talk about how much faith the Bear fans have in Fields for 2022. The Seattle snow is the best thing about this game

  17. How odd.
    As I watch this game, I wonder why it’s not as loud like it is when the 49ers go to Seattle. Something to think about

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