Spencer Brown fined $5,000 for celebrating TD with a fan’s beer

Carolina Panthers v Buffalo Bills
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After a touchdown by Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs in last Sunday’s win over the Panthers, right tackle Spencer Brown came up with an idea about how to celebrate it that involved one of the fans in the front row near the end zone.

More specifically, it included the beer that the fan was planning to consume while watching the Bills. Brown ushered Diggs over to the fan and took his beer to kick off a celebration that ended with Brown turning the can over as he tilted his head back.

On Friday, Brown tweeted that it was the most expensive beer he’s ever had and Mike Garafolo of NFL Media replied to say that Brown was fined $5,000 by the NFL for using a prop as part of a touchdown celebration.

Even for an NFL stadium, that’s a pricey beer. The good news for Brown is that Bills fans are likely to make sure he doesn’t have to buy himself a can, bottle, or pint at any bar in town as long as the team keeps winning.

5 responses to “Spencer Brown fined $5,000 for celebrating TD with a fan’s beer

  1. The NFL really needs to stop these fines. Cant the players have any fun? I mean its not hurting anybody, right.

  2. And Brady can approach the other team’s bench, in clear violation of the specific criteria in the definition of taunting, hurl an f-bomb at the coach in full view of cameras on national television, and walk away with zero consequence, either from the refs or the league.

    Um, okay, NFL.

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