Aaron Rodgers sets Packers record with 443rd career TD pass

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
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Aaron Rodgers is now the Packers’ all-time leader in touchdown passes.

Rodgers entered Saturday’s game against the Browns with 442 career touchdown passes, which had him tied with Brett Favre for the franchise record. Rodgers broke that tie on the team’s second possession of the game.

Rodgers found Allen Lazard up the right sideline and Lazard was able to reach the ball over the goal line for a score. The ensuing extra point put the Packers up 7-6 with just over five minutes left to play in the first quarter.

A video message from Favre played at Lambeau Field after the touchdown.

The Packers punted to end their first possession, but got the ball right back when Baker Mayfield was intercepted by Darnell Savage on a deep shot to Donovan Peoples-Jones on the first play of the ensuing drive. Mayfield wanted a penalty on cornerback Rasul Douglas for illegal contact, but none came and the Packers were quickly in scoring position thanks to a 33-yard gain on a pass from Rodgers to Davante Adams.

34 responses to “Aaron Rodgers sets Packers record with 443rd career TD pass

  1. Yeah, on a play that shouldn’t have happened. Illegal contact on GB plain as day never called on the Mayfield “ Int “ Should have been Cleveland ball, but like usual the zebras turn a blind eye and hand GB everything on a silver platter.

  2. Face mask on Mayfield should’ve been called. If that was on Rodgers, Pack fans would cry about it.

  3. When this announcing crew says it was a PI on Packers, you know it was blatant. Two easy penalties missed in Packers D so far, after the face mask on sack.

  4. Then on the “sack” Clark grabbed Mayfield’s face mask and twisted. Of course no flag. So what should have been 1st down on the 12 yard line, they lose 9 yards and end up throwing a INT. The league would have been better off sending a memo to all teams stating that they already determined GB would win this game and save some face instead of having fans think the zebras are they incompetent. They should wear green and yellow stripes, just an extension of the team they protect.

  5. Never would have dreamed I’d live to see anyone pass Favre.

    Just amazing to have watched these two men. Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson.

  6. Well Aaron can make up in these records via lack of postseason success. He’s a nice little regular season QB

  7. I wonder who Brett Favre was talking to in his Jumbotron message when he said go win us another Super Bowl?

  8. Piiiick, pick, pick. Pick, pick, pick, pick!

    Browns had a to play a near flawless game to win. They’ve already crapped the bed. I haven’t seen a first half performance this bad since last Saturday by the Patriots.

    Packers going for kill-shot receiving second half kickoff.

  9. The record means nothing if you collapse in the playoffs every single season. Everyone needs to stop living in the moment. He has thrown nine touchdowns to eight interceptions in career NFC championship games.

  10. Boy everybody seems to be completely ignoring the fact that Packers receivers have literally caught the ball one-handed today on deep throws because Williams and Ward like to grab arms and hold. No flags. Seem to be a lot of fans complaining about that thumb push of Mayfield’s facemask but no one is complaining about the blatant hold on Clark as that was happening. Lol.

  11. Remember when those 23 teams passed on Rodgers in the 2005 draft including that team from minnesota?

    Good times good times……..

  12. Why is it that the only people that take issue with Rodgers success are Brady fans?

    Isn’t Brady supposed to be the goat?

  13. Still second best #12 in the NFL

    Yeah, nobody will ever top Randall Cunningham..

  14. He said he wants to thank the referees as there’s no way this would be possible without their continued support

  15. If he wins another Super Bowl, he might be tied at #4 with Elway on my list of all time greatest behind Brady, Manning, and Montana. He belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

  16. What is our Capt Kirk Cousins’ touchdown to interception ratio in NFC championship games?

  17. Missin’ Again Crosby, why do only Packers fans think Rodgers is the goat? The more this guy opens his mouth, the more he hurts his image. You’ll see once again in the playoffs why he’s not even top ten all time.

  18. I’ll speak for myself only.

    He’s the best I’ve seen, by an enormous margin. I do think the offensive heavy rules skew it slightly, but it’s still not close for me.

    Most accurate, by far
    As athletic as anyone
    Can spin it like few I’ve ever seen

    The true beauty of this is, I couldn’t care less how you feel about it. About as much as I care about what Rodgers does with his personal life.

  19. But, he doesn’t show up when all the chips are on the table. He chose not to run while he had a wide open field in the NFC championship game. And, he missed a wide open Adams. How can any quarterback win so many regular season games and MVPs but win so few playoff games? It doesn’t add up.

  20. My lord the run in the NFCC Game? This. Still?

    How bout Lazard catching the game winner on 1st and goal? Wide open. Clear path to the end zone.

    And I’m sure you watched the Americas Game bit. Devin White may have ended Rodgers career if he ran at him. He bragged all about it.

  21. How can any quarterback win so many regular season games and MVPs but win so few playoff games?

    The Packers haven’t been 1-and-done since 2013.

    They’ve won a game each of their last 5 trips, 7 of 10 with Rodgers.

    Outside of the Patriots, name a team dramatically better than that?

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