John Lynch’s supposedly inadvertent “like” of tweet disparaging Jimmy Garoppolo makes waves

San Francisco 49ers versus Green Bay Packers in NFC Championship
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In the spirit of Christmas, we’ve delayed making an issue out of a supposedly inadvertent Twitter move from 49ers G.M. John Lynch regarding quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. As Christmas Day winds down, and as the story continues to reverberate in league circles, we had no choice but to point it out.

On Friday night, Lynch posted this message out of the blue: “Apparently — while in Christmas Eve Mass [with] my family — I accidentally and unknowingly liked a tweet. Never intended to and remain a huge believer in Jimmy.”

The tweet in question said “leave Jimmy in Nashville,” with a photo of a man looking into a plane from the other side of a window.

Although inadvertent likes can indeed happen while scrolling through the app, it’s hard to understand how or why Lynch did it during Christmas Eve Mass. That’s nevertheless his story, and he’s presumably sticking to it. As the 49ers inexplicably stick with Garoppolo, whose two interceptions contributed significantly to a Week 16 loss to the Titans.

30 responses to “John Lynch’s supposedly inadvertent “like” of tweet disparaging Jimmy Garoppolo makes waves

  1. Yet Shanahan stlll won’t run the ball and Shanahan and Lynch somehow escape accountability.

    Hot seat city.

  2. Nah, I’m not buying it. There is no way that he would “like” a tweet like that. That is a post / tweet typical of the juvenile stuff we all post here and John Lynch would never give something that silly a thumbs up.

  3. Maybe it’s not inexplicable why they stick with Jimmy G
    One possible reason would be that they’ve determined he’s still the best qb on their roster.

  4. If I’m a 49ers fan,I’m more worried about the absolute look of defeat on Kyle Shanahan’s face,whenever he talks about his brand new 1st round QB Trey Lance and what a huge mistake it was drafting him.

  5. “…accidentally and unknowingly…”. Hey John, 99% of us 49er fans would have liked that tweet as well. No need for you to try and cover all the denial bases, we are with you!

  6. I’d be more embarrassed to admit I was playing with my phone during Mass than that I liked a tweet disparaging Garoppolo, inadvertently or not.

  7. Yet Shanahan stlll won’t run the ball and Shanahan and Lynch somehow escape accountability.

    It’s hard to run the ball sometimes when you are on your 4th string RB.

  8. Not Lynch’s style to like stupid tweets. I believe John. And who cares, Jimmy will be a Lion, Giant, Panther, or a Saint next year.

  9. The bigger problem here is that Lance is not that good and Jimmy G isn’t worth a bag of peanut M&Ms on a trade.
    Why are the Niners not running the ball more is a question fans would like to know the answer to.

  10. wilson was running great in the first half, then they just stopped for some reason. reminiscent of a certain superbowl choke

  11. It’s no big deal. Everyone in S.F. is on the same page. Kyle Shanahan will play the QB that gives them their best chance to win. Right now, it’s not even close. Garoppolo is the best QB. The big issue is the fact that they drafted a QB very high in the first round a couple years ago, and he can’t even get on the field. I imagine Kyle has turned the page on Garoppolo and is going to turn over the reins to the youngster. Then they get 3 full seasons to do something. So maybe we’ll see some changes in 3 years, or maybe Trey Lance is the next great 49ers’ QB. In the meantime the 49ers are fun to watch and they’re making money.

  12. The first reality is that Trey Lance simply isn’t ready to be a starter in the NFL. Does this mean the 49ers wasted the 3rd pick of the draft?
    It’s still too early to tell but the early returns are not favorable.
    In today’s NFL the best roster structure includes a “franchise QB” on his rookie contract. The second reality is Garoppolo has hit his ceiling, they know what they have and what they will get. So at this point it’s all about deciding whether Jimmy gives you a chance to win it all this year. If the answer is yes, you stick with him. If the answer is no, you should start the kid and give him the game experience. But doing that you risk losing the locker room as the players will know you are not doing your best to win this season. So as a HC and GM it’s a lose-lose situation because what is best for the team (playing the kid) could lose you both the locker room and your jobs. But if you play Jimmy you might save your job for next year, but then you’ll be starting a kid that’s still going to have huge growing pains as he gains game experience, and ultimately that might hurt you more in the long run.

  13. I watched the game and the bad defensive schemes and execution were by far the biggest reasons SF lost. Sure the two interceptions hurt, but they were survivable if the coaches used better defenses.

  14. What about leaving the guy(s) who used all that draft capital on a QB that can’t beat Jimmy G for the job?

  15. Does it really matter?
    The 49ers are going to dump Jimmy G the day after their last game is played.
    Nothing can stop that now. Even if the 49ers win the SB, Jimmy G is gone.

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