Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams declare Rasul Douglas to be a “superstar”; Douglas disagrees


Well-traveled cornerback Rasul Douglas has found a home, thanks to developing a knack for huge plays. It started in Week Eight to seal the Thursday night classic at Arizona, with an end-zone interception. It continued in Saturday’s Christmas Day win over the Browns, with a pair of interceptions including the one that iced the 24-22 win. In between, Douglas had pick-sixes in back-to-back victories over the Rams and the Bears.

After his latest exploits, the former third-round pick of the Eagles in 2017 (he has a Super Bowl ring from his rookie year) received high praise from his two most important teammates.

“He hasn’t been a superstar in this league per se until now,” receiver Davante Adams told reporters regarding Douglas. “You see what he’s about now. I think it’s pretty safe to say that he’s a superstar at the cornerback position. But he’s a great dude more than anything, man.”

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers concurred. “He’s a star,” Rodgers said at his press conference. “I mean, he’s got incredible ball skills. He’s around the ball all the time. He’s changed our team. He really has.”

For his part, Douglas disputed the characterization.

“I don’t think I’m a superstar yet,” he told reporters. “I think we have two superstars on our team, 12 and 17. But yeah it means a lot. I’m just trying to just keep working. Just keeping trying to mean something to the team.”

He has found meaning during the grind-it-out process of studying film and looking for tendencies and tells that will let him spot a potential chance to jump a route and make a pick.

“It always transfers over,” he said regarding the connection between film study and performance. “I go through every week with the same mindset. I try to look for plays that maybe I can get an interception on and that I could jump. And I always tell my safeties what plays I’m gonna jump so in case I do and it’s not that, hopefully they’re in the post. If not, hopefully Jesus is in the post to save me.”

Douglas has helped save the Packers on multiple occasions this year, providing the kind of support to a team that, even with Rodgers and Adams, needs many other high-level in order to achieve the highest possible goal.

Meanwhile, the front office deserves credit for landing Douglas. After three seasons in Philly in one in Carolina, he bounced around from the Raiders to the Texans to the Cardinals before settling on the Arizona practice squad. Anyone could have offered him a roster spot. The Packers, after injuries to Jaire Alexander and Kevin King, did. Surely, they had no idea what they were getting, or they would have pursued him much, much sooner.

Plenty of other teams now surely wish they had, too.

34 responses to “Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams declare Rasul Douglas to be a “superstar”; Douglas disagrees

  1. I like coaching staffs that can turn other teams practice squad players into Pro Bowl alternates.

  2. Grab the receiver and then intercept the ball it’s simple if they let you play that way

  3. He’s a great feel-good story in another tough year. Maybe his example of film-study will rub-off. Shocked–just shocked that King wasn’t available. Again.

    Rasul covered-up for a lot of ugly this year, but, even missing 4 starters on OL, MVS, Cobb, et. al., the offense has got to do better to have any hope of more than a one-and-done. The quarterbacks to come post-season will be a bit better than Baker w/o 2 wks of practice.

  4. Defensive holding on that last interception. 5 yards and a first down in a 2 point game.

    Packers are lucky. Not saying they didn’t deserve it.

  5. If he played for a lesser team he’s called for penaltys and not having those interceptions count.

  6. Here’s hoping we can win two super bowls in one season with a victory next weekend. It’s the highlight for us.

  7. Definitely not a superstar. Merely doing his job and nothing more. Tired of these overrated players who have a good year and are made HOF material.

  8. If I was hoping for overpaid to the tune of $40Mil a season I would try to make sure results of my poor play were passed nn to someone.

    The refs were letting the WRs and DBs just play on. The sooner the Browns and their fans understand that Mayfield ISNT their guy especially after performances like thes and add him to the jersey of long list of starters past, the better off they will be.

    All they had to do was run the ball, kick the FG and Get the hell out of GB with a win.

  9. Everyone complaining about Douglas’ pick against the browns are ignorant and wouldn’t know that he’s been ballhawking the past several weeks. I was surprised he was a FA when GB signed him

  10. mkav says:
    December 26, 2021 at 7:54 pm
    I’ve seen DPIs and holding called on much less holding than on the 1st and 4th INTs.

    I am willing to bet that you also saw Non calls on worse as well. I get its frustrating, all fans can ask is they be consistent.

  11. Truth is there’s really only room for one superstar, I mean Diva, on this team and it’s ME.

  12. I just love how TO’d Vikings fans are. The Packers are SO far in your headspace. One thing you can count on is this: barring a trade, your GM Spieladope will always be picking in front of ours. That, and GB will always have 13 more championships than MN. Unless of course we win again this year.

  13. What still amazes me the most about this guy is how he slipped thru the cracks. I get how players don’t fit in with a team or two, happens all the time. But, what is it, 5 teams this year? Unreal! As far as the last pick, seen PI called, seen it not called. The Refs were consistent all day with what they were letting go, and that’s all you can ask of them

  14. I’m a packer fan, so I admit my bias. Douglas could have been flagged on the 1st or 4th interception, no doubt, but it wasn’t egregious and these things sometimes don’t get called. I recall the Packers getting jobbed on a few in the championship game last year against the Bucs. Oh well, missed calls and the sometimes wrong calls that do get made are part of watching sports. It’s not a plot Vikings fans. On average your team gets a break or gets screwed about as much as everyone else. More importantly, if Gutekunst doesn’t get NFL exec of the year, someone is not paying attention. First, he survives all kinds of left over criticism about drafting Jordan Love and upsetting Rogers, and navigates 2-months of diva drama. Then, with no money to spend on an impact defensive signing he finds Devondre Campbell on the reduced clearance rack and the guy has been a top 10 starter at his position. In the process, he avoids signing the aging “name” and takes a pass on JJ Watt–SMART! Late in training camp he trades for a guy who becomes the pro bowl punter, and just for fun he replaces his injured all pro corner with a hidden gem who’s been on 4+ teams in the last year, Rasul Douglas. Wow!!! Sad news for us Packer fans, enjoy Douglas now because there’s no way we can afford the price he’s making himself.

  15. Has to hurt these lil Vikings fans when Randy Moss goes on TV this morning and said that they were letting them play all game long, that Peoples-Jones also pushed off, and that a no-call was the correct call.

  16. jbarr1 says:
    December 27, 2021 at 8:58 am
    What still amazes me the most about this guy is how he slipped thru the cracks. I get how players don’t fit in with a team or two, happens all the time. But, what is it, 5 teams this year?

    Coaching matters, I ask it often as Bears fans are livid, cuz they could have had Mahomes, but do you think Mahomes becomes the player he is without Andy Reid?

    Also scheme makes a difference too, but Douglas himself said he appreciates and asks lots of questions to OG, and his answers and coaching methods clearly have helped.

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