Chiefs up 23-0 on Steelers at halftime

Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Chiefs had to deal with a bunch of missing players due to COVID-19 protocols over the course of the last week and some of them remain out for Sunday’s game against the Steelers, but you’d be hard-pressed to know that they were dealing with any trouble at all.

Kansas City scored the first four times they had the ball and only missed making it 5-for-5 when Elliott Fry missed a field goal with 18 seconds to play in the half. Fry is kicking in place of Harrison Butker, who is one of those players out due to COVID protocols.

Fry also missed an extra point, but pretty much everything else went right offensively for the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes is 19-of-25 for 205 yards and two scores, running back Darrell Williams has 55 yards from scrimmage, and 10 different players have run the ball or caught passes over the first 30 minutes of play.

On the other side of the ball, the Chiefs got a sack from Frank Clark and an interception from Charvarius Ward to end the first two Steelers possessions. Former Steeler Melvin Ingram also blew up a fourth down run by Najee Harris, although the play seemed doomed from the start since the Steelers called a toss sweep that asked one member of their offensive line to block half the Kansas City defense.

The Steelers have now gone five straight games without a first half touchdown. They have rallied in past second halves, but the Chiefs haven’t offered many chances to get back into games over their seven-game winning streak so they’ll have to find something pretty special in the locker room.

10 responses to “Chiefs up 23-0 on Steelers at halftime

  1. The Steelers offense is un watchable. Matt Canada is by far the most incompetent coordinator in the league.

  2. Don’t you just love it when the refs let Mahomes pass after he crosses the line of scrimmage? Looks like a SB rematch is locked in.

  3. Which play was Mahomes past the LOS? Is it 30-0 or does your score show different? Just trying to understand why you think that one play is the difference…

  4. What a delicious game. The Pittsburgh Rusty Nails are getting their collective behinds whooped today on all sides of the ball. Knowing that it is likely that the fat woman beater will retire in the off season, this team has no talent and no depth anywhere. I hope the yellow towel twirling fools will spend the next several seasons hiding from the rest of us – taking with them their over-sized car decals and flags. You have all earned this misery with your towel twirling. Your day is over.

  5. Springfield – even I noticed that on the last td of the first half by Mahomes was over the line of scrimmage – but he could have had a millimeter of one foot on legal ground. I like KC but I even wondered if this time he went too far.

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