DeVonta Smith gets a touchdown after a reversal of the reversal

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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In the category of you see something new every day, DeVonta Smith got a touchdown, had the touchdown taken away by replay and then had the touchdown restored by replay.

Fox rules analyst Mike Pereira said in the broadcast he had never seen a reversal of a reversal.

Officials on the field ruled Smith scored on a 4-yard catch from Jalen Hurts, with Smith getting both feet down before going out of bounds in the end zone.

Replay quickly overturned the ruling on the field, making it fourth-and-goal at the 4.

Smith reacted with disbelief.

Then came the announcement that the play was under further review.

Officials then upheld the ruling on the field.

Smith has five catches for 80 yards, and the Eagles now have a 20-3 lead.

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  1. sorry, the new york team needs to bring back reese and coach coughlin to clean and and nightmara needs to take a big step back.

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