Falcons escape with 20-16 win over Lions

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons
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The Lions are not a good football team, but they’re competing down the stretch.

Today in Atlanta they came up just short in a 20-16 loss that dropped Detroit’s record to 2-12-1, while the Falcons stayed alive in the playoff race by improving to 7-8.

The game went down to the final minute, when Lions quarterback Tim Boyle threw an interception in the red zone to seal the Lions’ loss.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan completed 18 of 24 passes for 216 yards, with one touchdown and no interceptions. Ryan wasn’t great, but he was good enough.

Both coaches were smart on fourth downs, with Dan Campbell going for it four times and the Lions converting three of them, and Arthur Jones going for it once and getting a Cordarrelle Patterson touchdown run on the play.

The Lions have a long way to go, but they have to be satisfied with how hard they’re fighting in a lost season. The Falcons would be this season’s most improbable playoff team if they were to make it, but they’re still in contention.

8 responses to “Falcons escape with 20-16 win over Lions

  1. Nothing wrong with play calling. Boyle makes bad decisions. That is why he is a backup at best.

  2. As a Lions fan I think we are showing that of the bad teams this year we we are not talented enough but we have the fight instilled that is required. Of the teams with new coaching staffs, I have been proven wrong and this is the right coach and staff. Teams that have no shot, and awful records give up quite often and we are showing that we still show up and try to bloody the other team and win even though we have 10+ losses and long ago were eliminated. We need talent. We need lots of talent. But of the bad teams, of the teams with new staffs we are an arrow pointing up. Incompetence or bad luck in the draft could derail much of this optimism. But the Lions are improving and I believe someone else will be in 4th in the division next year we will be 3 or 2. IMO

  3. Boyle is better than Goff we saw that today. Lions still competing but they have a long way to go.

  4. Sorry, but the Steelers own the ‘most improbable playoff team’ title. The Lions are scrappy, I’ll give them that. I hope they’re competitive next year.

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