Joe Burrow on late-game passing: “You play until the final whistle”

NFL: DEC 26 Ravens at Bengals
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Regardless of whether Ravens coach John Harbaugh did (privately) or didn’t (publicly) grouse about the decision of the Bengals to dial up pass plays late in a 41-21 game that Cincinnati led, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow makes no apologies for a 52-yard catch and run with two minutes on the clock.

“This is the NFL,” Burrow told PFT after the game by phone. “This isn’t peewee, this isn’t high school where you go out and run up the score. You play until the final whistle. I don’t care what the score is. We’ve been in spots where teams go out and do that to us. They did it to us last year. No sympathy from me.”

Last year, the Ravens beat the Bengals 27-3 and 38-3.

Burrow admitted during our conversation that he was aware of the possibility of 500 passing yards (he finished with 525, fourth highest of all time for a single game), and that the Bengals were trying to get there. During his press conference after the game, Burrow also said that a comment made during the week by Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale that Burrow isn’t ready for a “gold jacket” wasn’t “necessary,” and that he “maybe” was thinking about that at the end of the game.

Regardless of the motivation, the only relevant question late in a game is whether those extra snaps put players at undue injury risk. That was the criticism of the Ravens in Week Four at Denver, when they opted to run the ball in lieu of taking a knee in order to preserve a streak of 100-yard rushing games. If Burrow had gotten injured on a pass play during garbage time, the Bengals fairly would have been criticized for unnecessarily putting him in harm’s way.

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  1. Maybe Wink should have kept his mouth shut and they might have run a bit more when they had their foot on the Raven’s throat.

  2. Baltimore would like to offer congratulations to Joe Burrow for dialing it up against basically a practice squad team today. Let’s see how it goes against New England in a few weeks.

  3. Congrats to the Bengals for beating a depleted Ravens team playing many practice squad players and pickups. Burrow’s stats were completely padded.

  4. Nothing makes me happier as a Ravens fan than seeing the Bengals run the score up on Harbaugh. It makes him mad and he’ll use it when he has a full team again some day.

    Low rent cousin loving Cincinnati fans forget their team doesn’t know how to draft outside the top 10.

    Thinking the Ravens DC just throwing cold insults at the opposing quarterback week of is new money nonsense.

  5. To call the Ravens side practise squad is giving them too much credit.
    Feel bad for this Ravens team. Bengals stat padding against this depleted team when leading by 20, not good look..

  6. For more than 3 quarters you were throwing against practice squad guys. Literally guys who were called up from the PS yesterday due to injury and COVID. Sure it’s fun to beat a rival but unless you do something with it, and defend it again next year, it’ll be meaningless. Enjoy it and don’t embarrass the AFCN in the playoffs.

  7. Why is it wrong for the winning team in a blow out to keep playing and score, but okay for the losing team to do so? Pittsburgh was down 36-3 with under 3 minutes left and threw a TD pass. Why didn’t they just take a knew? Couldn’t players be injured playing those meaningless plays.

  8. good. both harbaughs are nothing but blabbermouth whiners. wink is arians’ blowhard brother from another mother. when you’re starting some guy off the street at qb, it’s probably not a good idea to give the opposing team any bulletin board material lest you get 600 yards dropped on you.

  9. Bengals crushed these guys earlier in the season when Baltimore was at full strength, no reason to think any other players participating would have made any difference.

  10. Bengals are a totally classless organization, running up the score at the end was pathetic. Hopefully they’ll be one and done in the playoffs. Remember you’ll be playing the Ravens twice every year for a long time, so keep this win in your minds.

  11. Steelers and Ravens fans can’t handle the fact that their “dynasties” (hold laughter) are over. They can’t handle the fact that the were swept by the Bengals. That’s why they’ll whine about injuries or remind everyone that will listen that they won in the past. Let’s let them whine. “Hey there big guy…y’all would have won if you woulda had a healthy 53 man roster. And just think of all the glory fays that keep you warm at night. And hey, what about the draft? There. Feel better?”. G’night.

  12. Laughing at all the Ravens fans in here talking about they had a practice squad and that Harbaugh will use this as motivation. They beat your first unit just as badly and dropped 41 on them the first time this year. Where was Harbaugh’s motivation for this game? What was your excuse that time? Get used to this feeling Ravens fans. You and the Steelers are getting this for the next decade. That’s what goes around comes around.

  13. All those extra yards are sure to earn him an ALTERNATE spot in the pro bowl. Way to go, Joe!

  14. The Bengals can call whatever plays they want. They won fair and square. But Burrow’s “you don’t run up the score” comments make no sense, since they kept their foot on the gas late with a huge lead. His “no sympathy” comment makes him sound as petty as the Ravens. And admitting that “maybe” he had Martindale’s perfectly reasonable gold jacket comments in mind makes him sound pretty thin-skinned. He should just keep his mouth shut. He beat a covid-ravaged secondary. His comments make him sound mentally weak.

  15. My goodness … the comments above from the fans of the Purple Browns sure are salty and delicious.

  16. Love the hate on here. I distinctly remember martingale running his mouth about the bengals kicking a field goal in last years game that prevented them from shutting our the bengals. Enjoy your preseason consecutive wins record ravens.

  17. carloswlassiter says:
    December 26, 2021 at 7:15 pm
    Bengals crushed these guys earlier in the season when Baltimore was at full strength, no reason to think any other players participating would have made any difference.

    Uh, Ravens started the season depleted! First between the two, Ravens secondary was already down to one starring corner back and one safety! Plus down left tackle and all running backs! …but that won’t matter to haters!

  18. Not a Bengals fan, but I sure do dislike the Ravens and their filthy city, Baltimore. Love to read their fans whining!

  19. Burrow and the Bengals are right. The only people they’re concerned with are themselves. They should do what they feel is best for them. How anyone outside their locker room feels is irrelevant.

  20. Just to be clear…the Bengals could have EASILY scored to end the game. THAT would have been running up the score. It was 31-14 at the half. I’d say outscoring the Ravens 10-7 in the second half was merciful. So maybe quit whining?

  21. Wow, all the excuses from Ravens fans here. But even your first-stringers got stomped by Burrow and the Bengals in your own stadium just a couple months ago (and Chase used Humphreys in that game, btw). Doesn’t seem like ANYONE on your team can stop Joey B this year….

  22. No problem with it. The Ravens never let their foot off the gas and have done it to the Bengals many times over the past couple of years. Kudos to the Ravens and their players for not complaining about it even when the media was trying to bait one of them into it.

  23. joeyfranchise says:
    December 26, 2021 at 8:20 pm
    Wow, all the excuses from Ravens fans here. But even your first-stringers got stomped by Burrow and the Bengals in your own stadium just a couple months ago (and Chase used Humphreys in that game, btw). Doesn’t seem like ANYONE on your team can stop Joey B this year….

    Okay I’ll bite. For the record, the Ravens haven’t been healthy all season. I mean they started the season with more on IR than anyone. Yes Chase abused Humphrey. At the same time, Humphrey is not the Ravens number one cover corner. He hasn’t played all season. I fully believe that first game against the Bengals was a let down game. They came off a high after beating the at the time unbeatable Chargers. The same thing happened to the Bengals after beating the Ravens who had owned them the past 2 or 3 seasons. They lost to the Jets. If the Ravens were healthy, this game would’ve been very different. Not saying the Ravens would win, but you would’ve had a much more focused Ravens team with equal talent.

  24. And for the record, I think a lot of Ravens fans are pointing out the fact that the Bengals beat a practice squad Ravens team because that’s all they hear from the Lamar Jackson is not a QB crowd when he has a great passing game. Earlier in the season he went 37/43 for 442 yds and 4 TDs against the Colts. After that game the haters went on and on about how 3 of the Colts starters got hurt during the game and that was the only reason. Well, Burrow just literally played a 100% practice squad secondary. Where’s that same energy? And no he did not play a healthy Ravens secondary in the 1st meeting.

  25. Couldn’t of happened to a classier group than Harbaugh’s Ravens, a team that openly plays for meaningless records and stats when games are over.

  26. 1st half….31-10, 2nd half….10-7. Running up the score? The Bengals literally stopped the game at the 5 yard line. Running up the score would have been punching it in to end the game. And don’t whine about Burrow throwing when the Ravens pulled the whole 100 yards per game crap. Hypocrites!

  27. SO, if I read this correctly, John Harbaugh cries when someone runs up the score but is perfectly fine if HIS team is running up the score? Weird.

  28. Bengals own the Ravens and Steelers now. RIP 2016-2020 AFC, it’s now back to being the Bengals for the foreseeable future.

  29. The announcers keep talking about the Raven’s injuries. I get it. You don’t have to keep repeating it.

  30. Good for you Joe, well deserved and the Ravens loved running the score up on them in the past.

  31. Burrows should have been picked for the Pro Bowl so I hope he continues to run the score up like Brady used to do.

  32. This is funny….
    Ravens fans whining because they had to play scrubs and Bungle fans crowing while forgetting they haven’t won anything… ever!

  33. All these ppl saying Joey B only put up numbers cause the Ravens were depleted must have missed him hanging 400+ yards and 41 points in week 4. Stop making excuses. Nobody took it easy on cincy after Burrow was hurt last year and they shouldn’t have. Thus is the pros not peewee.

  34. You play until the final whistle….especially when the D-coordinator for the Ravens was a jackwagon during the week. I love all these whiny Ravens fans. Your team sucks. Deal with it.

  35. bengaljuice says:
    December 26, 2021 at 8:55 pm
    Bengals own the Ravens and Steelers now. RIP 2016-2020 AFC, it’s now back to being the Bengals for the foreseeable future.


    Bro, you gotta do it more than once to make it a trend for “the foreseeable future” and apparently it’s still not a lock. Good luck! Steelers 3x, Ravens 2x, since 2015.

  36. It’s got nothing to do with whether the Ravens are upset. Bengals coaching staff subjected their QB to unnecessary injury risk by keeping him in the game and having him throw deep. Protect your asset. Winning one regular season game by a few more points isn’t worth the risk. Risk-reward is something we all calculate all the time. Just some of us can think about the longer term rewards so calculate our risks based on what’s needed to achieve them.

  37. Would have been more fun if Lamar was playing to see Burrow thump him twice in the same season, although that probably still wouldnt have changed pro bowl voters opinions. Can you believe Jackson was voted in over Burrow? The Pro Bowl. LOL.

  38. The Bengals beat the Ravens by even more earlier this year when they were healthy. So get outta here with injury excuses.

  39. “They did it to us last year. No sympathy from me.”

    I just checked the game logs. The first game last year, the Ravens won 27-3 with the last TD being scored with 8 minutes to go in Q4 on a fumble return. The second meeting between the two teams, the last score of the game was a JK Dobbins 72 yard TD just before the end of Q3.

    What is Burrow talking about? Lol

  40. As a Ravens fan I really dont care about Burrow throwing, he took advantage of a beaten team and had a field day. If I was a Cincy fan I’d be more upset with the guy taking hits that he doesn’t need to take, but every play is a risk.

  41. Funny Ravens fans arent chastising their DC over his obvious jab at Burrow and Chase earlier this week. If they think that was running up the score they would’ve hated Sam Wyche.

  42. Harbaugh forgot that he ran the score up on the Bengals in week 17 last season, when the Bengals were playing with a practice squad!!!!

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