NFC East champion Cowboys give Washington a gut punch, winning 56-14

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys clinched the NFC East championship before they even kicked off against Washington, which won the title last season. For good measure, the Cowboys flexed their muscle against Washington, and the visitors disappeared quietly into the night as the home team celebrated with hats and T-shirts.

The Cowboys first beat up and then beat down Washington, winning 56-14. It was the biggest win by Dallas in the series. The Cowboys’ biggest previous victory was a 35-point margin, which came in a 38-3 victory in 1993. It tied for the second-most points in team history behind the 59 points Dallas scored in the 1968 season opener against Detroit.

The Cowboys moved to 11-4 and retained the No. 2 seed in the NFC behind Green Bay. Washington fell to 6-9 in losing its third consecutive game.

This one came by an early knockout as the Cowboys led 21-0 in the first quarter, 42-7 at halftime and 49-7 in the third quarter when Dallas pulled many of its starters.

Dak Prescott continued his dominance of Washington, passing for 330 yards and four touchdowns in less than three quarters of work. He threw for 321 yards and four touchdowns in the first half, the most passing yards for a quarterback in the first half of a game this season.

Prescott is now 24-6 against the NFC East, including 9-1 against Washington.

The Cowboys had nine different players catch a pass and seven different players score. Ezekiel Elliott was the only player to score twice, getting touchdowns on a 5-yard reception and an 11-yard run.

The Cowboys scored six offensive touchdowns, including a 1-yard catch by offensive lineman Terence Steele, a defensive touchdown on a 40-yard interception return by defensive lineman DeMarcus Lawrence and a special teams touchdown on a blocked punt by Corey Clement that Chauncey Golston recovered in the end zone.

Backup quarterback Cooper Rush also threw a touchdown pass, going 2-for-3 for 70 yards.

32 responses to “NFC East champion Cowboys give Washington a gut punch, winning 56-14

  1. Beating up on Washington doesn’t change the fact that Dallas will be one and done in the playoffs.

  2. I can’t even imagine how much it sucked to be on the visitor’s sideline midway thru the 2nd quarter. You know you’re gonna lose in humiliating fashion and there’s still so much time left. Ouch.

  3. Will be interesting to see how Dallas stacks up against Arizona next week. The struggling Cardinals are still a whole level up in competition from Dallas’s NFC Least mates.

  4. When NBC had to talk about an assistant running back coach to kill time, you know things are bad.

  5. Washington needs to change their name again. Calling themselves a “football team” is disparaging and offensive to real football teams.

  6. Ollie: They never “changed” their name, they just dropped Redskins… that’s the whole point. Keep it WFT.

  7. Debatable if the Cardinals are some level above the Eagles. They got beaten by the worst team in the NFL a couple games ago. If the Cowboys win the story will be it’s because the Cardinals are bad. If the Cowboys lose the story will be the same as this week… the Cowboys aren’t good in spite of winning three December road games in a row and paintbrushing a division rival on national TV to round out the month.

  8. This was a righteous beat-down. It settles the question once and for all if Washington has really fared any better overall in the Rivera Era. Still just a Snyder Product. Inferior.

  9. Did what they were supposed to do. No one wants a team in their position who are fake. We’ll see how it goes.

  10. To all the haters who only hate us because you ain’t us…lol. NFC East Champs and 6th Lombardi this year. How Bout Those Cowboys!!!

  11. jerrystrashcan says:
    December 26, 2021 at 11:30 pm
    4 straight wins in December,
    Fade that haters!!!

    New Orleans without a QB
    The Giants

    A real murderers row.

    They are 3-3 vs teams with a winning record, and 0-2 vs teams that will win their division.

  12. Glad for the win and all, but I’ve been let down too often in previous years to get too excited. Plus beating up Washington isn’t as satisfying as it used to be years ago. That organization is such a mess, I can’t help but think they’ve overachieved a bit this year and last. See how things go against Arizona next week

  13. If the Cowboys used the Bengals model, Dak would have passed for over 600 yards and 6+ TDs. But they are classier than that.

  14. Show me in the playoffs Dallas. And how is Taylor Heinicke still starting in Washington? He is garbage.

  15. But But But it was the WFT Typical response from the Dallas hating crowd. Never wanna give credit where it’s due. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS! Last I checked WFT is an NFL team even if they are nameless

  16. I’m not impressed with the Carolina group running the Washington Football Team. They mostly weren’t that great in Carolina, and they haven’t looked that good in Washington.

  17. As much as I hate Dallas, they certainly are no joke this year. My Eagles aren’t either, but can’t seem to put four quarters together on both sides of the ball. If we make it in and face them, it will come down to playing relatively mistake-free and game planning the right way. Also, looking at their schedule, Dallas hasn’t beaten many quality teams. We still sucked when we played last, and they lost to LV, KC, DEN and TB. We’ll see.

  18. Dallas strength of schedule was 31 of 32 teams lol it’s the only time they sniff the playoffs , where is the signature win ? Philly ? Lol they were 32 of 32 strength of schedule.

  19. I’m pretty sure the Bucs and Packers lost to the “Saints without a QB” unless you consider Jameis Winston and Trevor Siemian QB’s.

  20. The only team that can beat the Cowboys is the Cowboys. The Bucs game is the only game you can say the Cowboys played a good game and lost to a better team. They beat themselves against the other three. Dropped passes, bad throws, untimely penalties. Nothing forced by the other team. If yesterday was an indication that the Cowboys have figured it out on offense then I don’t see anybody beating them.

  21. Dallas fans want respect after Cowboys beating some weak NFC East opponents. Remember, they lost to the Broncos, Raiders and Chiefs in November. One and done in the playoffs.

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