Nick Foles leads Bears to comeback win over Seahawks on snowy day in Seattle

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks
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After spending the season on the sideline behind Andy Dalton and Justin Fields, Bears quarterback Nick Foles finally got a chance to play today. And Foles delivered.

Foles led the Bears to a comeback win that saw him throw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham with 1:01 remaining, then throw a two-point conversion pass to Damiere Byrd, giving the Bears a 25-24 win over the Seahawks.

It didn’t look like a game the Bears would win for most of the day, as the Seahawks jumped out to an early 7-0 lead with a 41-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to DK Metcalf. By halftime the Seahawks’ lead had grown to 17-7.

But in the second half, Foles played well, and on the game-winning drive, he showed complete command of the Bears’ offense. In fact, Foles looked better than either Andy Dalton or Justin Fields has this season, raising questions about why Bears coach Matt Nagy insisted on making Foles the third-string quarterback all season. The Bears signed Dalton to a one-year, $10 million contract, and there’s no reason at all to think Foles couldn’t have done everything Dalton did for them this year.

But all that is in the past, as is everything for these two teams, neither of which will make the playoffs. Both teams are now 5-10 on the season, but for one day, Foles and the Bears are winners.

46 responses to “Nick Foles leads Bears to comeback win over Seahawks on snowy day in Seattle

  1. Because, under normal circumstances, Foles is not that great. However, off the bench when there is a chance, his doubters watching, Foles can win under pressure.

  2. 2 NFL powerhouses go head-to-head. As a Bear fan had a long and sarcastic post ready but it turns out the Seahawks are as bad as the Bears and had to toss it. The Seattle snow was the best thing about this game. PS: Mr. Nagy; Why was Foles on the bench until now?

  3. Wilson is not an elite QB anymore. Don’t care what he accomplished in his career up to this point. He holds onto the ball way too long and then makes questionable throws constantly.

  4. “ Foles and the Bears are winners”

    The Bears haven’t won a Super Bowl in Nick Foles lifetime. Foles is the winner here.

  5. Seattle losing brings a big smile to my face. Seattle is the most classless, fair weathered fan base in the NFL. They deserve every bit of this. Yes, I know the Niners lost this week. The difference? The Niners are still contenders. Nothing hurt them this weekend. Enjoy the basement, Seattle. You’ll be there for a long time.

  6. Seattle NEEDS to clean house in the off season. Starting with DC Ken Norton, his defense is waaaaaay out dated! Maybe we can use a new QB in the draft as well.🏈

  7. The Dalton signing never made any sense. You would get at least the same production from Foles as you would from Dalton. And they were already paying Foles.

  8. Did you all see the Packers-Seahawks playoff game in 2019 when GB picked up the game sealing 1st down and Carroll threw a tantrum like a 2 year old whose parents wouldn’t buy him a toy or candy at the store? That was funny.

  9. LOL….the one-year dynasty loses to the Bears. I wonder if Russ has asked for a new contract yet.

  10. Is anyone still asking if Nagy Knows what he’s doing? I think it’s obvious by now that he doesn’t. Whoever gets that job next will have a solid foundation to hit the ground running with. The roster actually isn’t half bad if you fix the offensive line, which can be done by a combination of the draft and free agency They also need to work on the back end of the defense, which has been neglected for years.

  11. Yes, the Seahawks cannot be defended..situational football has been completely lost on both sides of the ball…the team does still have talent, and no, Russell Wilson shouldn’t be traded…Seattle has a good core of players for next year….

  12. See i told you Super Bowl MVP Foles is the best QB on the roster. He should have been the starter all year.

  13. That’s Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. They should’ve been starting him all year. Nagy could’ve saved his job.

  14. statechamp77 says:
    December 26, 2021 at 7:11 pm
    Foles is the best QB on the Bears roster, should have been starting all year

    You either have never watched the bears this yr or you just started watching football yesterday. Foles would not have lasted a quarter behind any O line, he may be the slowest qb in history. Dalton has been the best qb on the roster all along.

  15. Nice to get a win today. Seahawks are just a lil bit worse then the Bears. Looking forward to next season to see what a new coach and hopefully a new GM and head of football operations can do with the talent on this team.

  16. I find it hard to believe that a Super Bowl MVP was third string all season. Nagy needs a psychiatric evaluation.

  17. So the Bears win with Nick Foles, the third string qb who had been relegated all season to nowhere land. That team is a mess from top to bottom. Even a win does not make them look better; it only compounds the mess.

  18. I don’t expect Nagy and Dalton to return, this was the worst off-season move by the Bears. Nick should have been the starter from the start.

  19. Anyone who thinks that Dalton could be the QB for the Bears, is as goofy as the funniest cartoon show on Saturday mornings, … but the same goes for any of the the 3 qb’s for the Bears, … Phillips, Pace, Nagy, & the rest of the coaches for Chicago, seemed to have done their absolute best, by trying to destroy the Bears, as a team function, … and the referees have not assisted in doing anything but to shoot the Bears, in each foot, on both sides of the scrum line, … they have called the Bears for more penalties against any, & every other team in history, … I have yet to agree with some of the BS I’ve heard, seen, & read about in the past 50 years that I’ve watched the Bears play, … minus the 3 odd years I was in service to the nation, … the best Coach I’ve ever seen is when Ditka pulled McMahon out, & put Fuller in for 2 plays, … and then sent Jim back into the game with a new set of plays, … resulting in a touchdown for the Bears, … so unless these newer players cannot comprehend changing offenses, then that, too, … is the coaches fault, … and I do not believe that for a minute, … by interacting players, according to the teams strength, versus weaknesses, gives an overall ability to turn any disadvantage to advantage plus for any team, by counting on your opponent not to be able to compensate as quickly as they should, … it should be the team’s efforts to win a ball game, not having all of the weight of winning/losing being decided by a single person’s position, … and being in better physical condition will also help to offset any maladies, … taking responsibility for the player, or coach’s ability to lead a team to victory, makes for an overall, better team, …

  20. NO!!!!!! Bears needed to lose big!!! Nagy would have been fired tomorrow. Now we have to wait!!!!

  21. Stay the course with Pete and Russ, 2012s! You’ll be back here bragging about that next Lombardi trophy any day now!

    P.S. Don’t forget to RUN the ball when you are on the 1 yard line.

  22. Nick Foles is the 2nd coming of Frank Reich — a great guy to have on the bench but will never be successful as a full time starter.
    I have to feel sorry for Russell Wilson, even though I dislike Pete Carroll and the Seahawks with a passion. Russell has had to bear the weight of the offense on his shoulders ever since Marshawn Lynch left.
    In my opinion, Wilson needs to get out of Seattle as fast as he can. If I were him, I’d try to get to the Steelers. He would immediately be a huge upgrade over Ben Roethlisberger, who is completely shot now. And unlike Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin will turn the Steelers around again and will give Wilson a good offensive line, which he hasn’t had for years.
    The Seahawks were a one and done team because Pete Carrol made one of the worst calls in Super Bowl history and they are now just a mediocre team. It’s time for Pete Carroll to take his chewing gum and pack it in.

  23. Nagy just bought himself the privilege of remaining coach till season’s end. It can’t get here soon enough to finally move on from him & his bogus offense. Hopefully the Bears also are smart enough to move on from their bogus GM.

  24. Seattle MUST clean house and find a replacement for Carroll and his staff AND replace the GM for allowing these bad trades and poor drafting.

  25. This looks awesome on diva wilson. so overrated and shpws he is nothing without an all world D

  26. So does this win mean Nagy doesn’t get canned Monday when assistants from other teams can be interviewed?

  27. Teams don’t start afresh with 70 year old QB’s. Fire Pete and Norton Jr. Waldron appears to be a failure as well so replace him. Bring in a next gen coach and build around Russ. He has 4-5 solid seasons ahead of him in the right system and with an upgraded offensive line. But yea, Pete has to go.

  28. Any team that gives up 3 first round picks for Wilson will set their team back big time, guy is all about himself and not a winner. He was carried for years by a great D. guy thinks he is elite, NOPE

  29. I love all of the posts about how Nick Foles should have been starter all season. He beat the lousy Seahawks calm down.

  30. Remember those halcyon days when the Seahawks 2012’s would come on these boards and tell us how they were going to be the greatest dynasty in NFL history? Fun times, fun times…

  31. Trust me. You leave Foles in. Bears may find a way to fight for a playoff spot before season end. NFC is full of misfits and anyone can still take it! Foles is magic this time of year

  32. Seattle has four decent players, Wilson, Metcalf, Carson and Wagner. Rest of their roster is average to bad.

    12’s will be holing up for a few years now and left with reminiscing about their 1 year dynasty

  33. As a Lions fan I look to my neighbor and shake my head that smoke is again pouring off the grill and the cook is asleep on the seat at the end of a burning couch it appears. Name tag reads “Nagy”

  34. Foles is the greatest backup in NFL history, bar none. He’s also the most clutch QB since Montana. The problem is he wilts under regular circumstances. Weird.

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