Report: Giants to bring back Joe Judge, Daniel Jones in 2022

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The window opens after this weekend to interview candidates from other teams for vacant head-coaching jobs. The Giants reportedly won’t be getting a head start, or any start, on that effort.

Per Adam Schefter of, the Giants currently plan to bring back coach Joe Judge and quarterback Daniel Jones for the 2022 season.

Not mentioned by Schefter is G.M. Dave Gettleman. Several weeks ago, NFL Media — partially owned by the Giants — reported that Gettleman won’t return. The Giants never pushed back against that report, essentially confirming it. The Giants could fire Gettleman or announce that he won’t be back next year in order to commence the process of interviewing external candidates; however, the two-week head start adopted earler in the month for coaching searches does not apply to General Managers, according to the NFL.

Of course, the next G.M. in New York will have his hands tied on the way in, as to the identity of the coach. It’s a forced marriage that the new G.M. will have to embrace. Ideally, the next G.M. will be happy to work with Judge and won’t be looking for an opportunity to dump Judge for someone else. Every budding G.M. has a list of preferred coaches to work with. The best outcome for the Giants would be to find a G.M. who can truthfully say that Judge is on the list.

The best place to find that G.M. would be to look to New England, and to hire someone who has worked with Judge during his time there. That’s how those relationships are crafted and formed, by working together and building rapport, comfort, and trust over time.

Many believe that the Giants will ultimately opt for an internal hire, with V.P. of football operations/assistant G.M. Kevin Abrams regarded as the favorite for a promotion. As it relates to the team’s ongoing struggles with personnel, however, it’s hard to reconcile putting the blame on Gettleman and excusing the rest of the front office.

The other important point continues to be that ownership has fingerprints all over the front office, from John Mara’s understated role in making decisions about the team to his brother, Chris Mara, serving as senior V.P. of player personnel to their nephew Tim McDonnell, serving as co-director of player personnel. As we’ve previously suggested, the Maras operate a lot like the Joneses, but without the obvious accountability to the back pages of the tabloids. Unlike Jerry (owner/G.M.) and Stephen (various title that make him No. 2 if not at this point No. 1) in Dallas, the Maras have others who get roasted for moves that they approved if not endorsed if not overruled others in the organization to bring to fruition. But it’s Gettlemen (and before him Jerry Reese) who gets the pink slip — and then the next candidate steps into a spot where the power perhaps doesn’t match the title.

Consider, for example, that (if Schefter’s report is accurate) the new G.M. has had the two most important decisions made for him, with not only the coach but also the quarterback staying put for 2022. Of course, the last part has a greater chance of being convenient puffery in the hopes of eventually trading the player later. Besides, Jones’s full compensation package of nearly $4.1 million is fully guaranteed for 2022. At that rate, he could stick around as the backup to the next quarterback. (The bigger question for Jones is whether his fifth-year option will be exercised by early May.)

Will the next G.M. will have the power to pick the next quarterback with only the input of the coach and not ownership to consider? In New York, probably not.

That said, most owners have a finger in the stew. They like to be able to say they don’t in order to avoid being criticized for bad decisions or blamed for chronic dysfunction. In New York, however, it should be obvious that ownership has three big ladles swirling deep in the pot. Any G.M. with real options elsewhere will likely opt for an opportunity that doesn’t entail being partial figurehead and future scapegoat. The hand-picked successor to Gettleman, therefore, becomes both luxury and necessity. The Maras will want someone who will accept the current realities of the job and, thus, the eventual menu of choices will fit within those parameters.

29 responses to “Report: Giants to bring back Joe Judge, Daniel Jones in 2022

  1. Glad I’m not a Giants fan. What a bummer to know that the 2022 will be a wash also.

  2. Not surprising that the team that gave out free medium sodas for fan appreciation won’t look to pay another qb and hc! Good luck Giants fans

  3. OF COURSE they will. Firing everyone would be an admission of guilt, whereas now they can pre-blame the coach and players for a dismal 2022.

  4. When has a new GM ever come in and fired the Coach and QB? In the Salary Cap Era I don’t think that is actually possible.

  5. I can see leaving Joe Judge in place (for now at least), but keeping Daniel Jones!? What? Wouldn’t the new GM want to get with Judge to find a solution for the most important position? I guess Jones is being retained as a scapegoat for next season’s embarrassing failure, so Judge and the new GM can hold on to their jobs for another year.

  6. Lifelong Giant fan. The problem is not Daniel Jones or Coach Judge. The Giants offensive line is weak and Gettlemen never fixed it. Nate Solder. Bust. Will Hernandez. Bust. If this line was good, Eli could still be playing.

    Also need edge rushers.

    The Giants must draft o and d lineman with their first 3 picks and then try to get someone in free agency. If so, they will be better next year and win more games.

  7. This is where I think Jimmy G ends up after the season. Patriots connection with Judge, coaching career on the line. Between Jimmy and Jones, one of the two should be healthy all year. Giants have an extra 1st round pick from Chicago, so sending SF a 2nd or 3rd round pick won’t sting as much.

  8. The issue with this is they are either cheap and don’t want to pay them to be fired or they won’t fire them bc that means they would be admitting a mistake. Either way, it’s a loss for Giants fans b/c neither of these guys are the answer and the owners won’t fix the product on the field for the people that pay them their hard earned money.

  9. Report: Giants to waste another year in 2022. Make it up to fans by giving them a large pepsi next year.

  10. The Maras’ need a repeat of the George Young hiring via the league office. The miracle of the Meadowlands pushed the league..can terrible Giant teams do the same? I doubt it but this situation is pretty pathetic and embarrassing.

  11. Ultimately Jones will end up in Cleveland and Mayfield in NY. That could bring both teams back to the playoffs.

  12. Gettleman had virtually NOTHING to do with the judge hire. Absolutely nothing. The giants don’t operate that way. Hence the disfunction. Mara hires both. One has nothing to do with the other. And expects them to work together seamlessly. It’s been very disfuntional for a long time. And will continue to be. Especially if they hire Abrams and keep this crap going.

  13. Anyone surprised by this hasn’t been paying attention. Ownership has consistently said they had no plans on firing judge after two seasons like they did with shurmur and macadoo. For Jones, they can’t afford a free agent or trade for an established qb and this qb class isn’t very good. If they decided to draft a qb then they would get killed behind that line too.

    Any GM would know that if it doesn’t work next year then they can get their own coach and draft their own qb with a high pick.

  14. sending SF a 2nd or 3rd round pick won’t sting as much.

    – Jimmy G isn’t worth a 2nd or 3rd. Try closer to 5th.

  15. In no other part of the world does anyone except the coach get to decide what players to keep or trade…

  16. The Dolphins have one the worst O-line but Tua has still be completing over 70% of passes. Jones is a very good athlete but he doesn’t seem very good at reading defenses. They need a better offensive coordinator who can use Jones’ skillset, get the ball out of his hands quicker. With the kind of skill players that Giants have they should be putting up a lot more than 17 points per game.

  17. Good to see the Giants owners satisfied with losing forever. Fire everybody and start over. Danny Dimes is terrible we’ve seen enough. Coach Hoodie Jr, is awful as well. Happy New Year NY! the losing will continue until further notice.

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