Bruce Arians will “welcome” requests to interview Byron Leftwich, Todd Bowles

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The wildcard in the new procedure that allows teams with coaching vacancies to interview assistant coaches from other teams is that the team with the assistant coaches drawing interest elsewhere must consent. It sure sounds as if Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians will give that consent.

“None of the paperwork has been put in yet,” Arians told reporters on Monday when asked whether teams have requested permission to interview offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and/or defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. “They have to go through channels. And I welcome it if it is.”

Leftwich has been linked to the Jacksonville vacancy. On Sunday, Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reported that the Raiders have interest in speaking to Bowles.

The window for requesting permission opens at 8:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday.

If a team gives permission for even one interview for an assistant, it must grant permission to all teams interested in the assistant. Some head coaches may resist, given that it can indeed create a distraction. Some teams have lobbied to push the process later, not earlier, so that the assistants will focus on the jobs they have before turning their attention to the one they’re trying to get.

26 responses to “Bruce Arians will “welcome” requests to interview Byron Leftwich, Todd Bowles

  1. Arians is a good man. Any coach who wouldn’t allow an assistant the opportunity of a lifetime is not a decent human being. I don’t care how you slice it or what excuses you make. You don’t deny someone an opportunity like that.

  2. Hopefully Leftwich gets one…

    As much talent as the Bucs have on that team, they NEED an innovative OC to help them maximize their potential to beat teams like the Saints twice a year before their window closes!

  3. I’m intrigued by Bowles. The Jets tenure wasnt great but as a Jets fan I don’t really blame a defensive coach for the team not having a qb. If he goes somewhere with an established qb I could see him doing well

  4. Arians is not a good man. That’s a ridiculous statement. Where I come from good men honor their word.

    And the only way these guys interview elsewhere is if he gets clearance from Tom.

  5. The NFL front office is exclusively populated with idiots. If they really wanted to make the process fair, teams wouldn’t be allowed to interview or hire coaches until after the Super Bowl.

  6. He once played for the Steelers and I think he would be a good fit there. Just not sure anyone can succeed in Jacksonville.

  7. Byron Leftwich is an average OC at best. I don’t think he has the experience to succeed as a HC where he owns the whole thing. Tom Brady has saved GM Licht’s, Arians, and all the other coaching jobs. Without Brady, you don’t have the players that wanted to come play with him. And without all of them, you have the jacked up team that no one envies except maybe JAX fans. Sorry, but that is, what it is.

  8. Leftwich was a leader of men in his playing career, just too bad his body gave out. To return to Jacksonville and lead that team, especially with Trevor Lawrence there, makes a lot of sense and would be a great storyline to see.

  9. How many times has hiring an offensive coordinator with an all pro QB worked out after the coordinator loses the QB?

  10. Leftwich goes to Jacksonville or another team, McDaniel reunite with Tom at Tampa Bay, became headcoach when Bruce Arian retires.

  11. Seems like hiring Leftwich would be very risky. It’s no secret that Tom is the defacto OC on that team. Much like Manning was when he was on the Broncos. Look at how Adam Gase worked out. Leftwich seems like a good guy and maybe he is a good coach. But he should prove it as a coordinator without Brady first, before he becomes a good head coaching candidate.

  12. How many unqualified coaches has Tom Brady announted as Head Coaches? Charlie Weiss, Bill O’Brien, Josh McDaniels, and now Byron Leftwich. No one was claiming Leftwich was HC material before Brady walked in the door.

  13. The real question is, Will he welcome a Federal Investigation into his players who break the law?

  14. Arians is my favorite HC. I wish the Browns would’ve hired him over Freddie kitchens. The guy is a winner and a good guy.

  15. ^^^ yup. Nothing against Leftwich but Brady makes everyone look good. Id be more interested in Bowles then Leftwich. On a side note I have seen a few rumors that Josh McDaniels name has been mentioned in some of the upcoming vacancies as teams seem to interested in him again.

  16. jg2040 says:
    December 27, 2021 at 6:12 pm
    How many unqualified coaches has Tom Brady announted as Head Coaches? Charlie Weiss, Bill O’Brien, Josh McDaniels, and now Byron Leftwich. No one was claiming Leftwich was HC material before Brady walked in the door.

    Actually Bruce Arians was claiming he was.

  17. Anybody who thinks Leftwich is a figurehead is, quite frankly, silly.
    In 2019, Jameis last year with the Bucs, they were #1 in passing yards, #3 in total offense, and #3 in points per game.
    Jameis passed for 5109 yards.
    Godwin had 1333 yards and he MISSED two games.
    So please stop.

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