Dak Prescott: It’d be hard for anyone to say we’re in a slump now

NFL: DEC 26 Washington Football Team at Cowboys
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The Cowboys insist they weren’t in a slump, but if they were in a slump, it’s over now.

They rolled up 497 yards in a 56-14 victory over Washington as Dak Prescott went 28-of-39 for 330 yards with four touchdowns in less than three quarters.

The first question to Prescott postgame was whether the slump is over.

“You tell me? I never said we were in a slump. Those were your words,” Prescott said. “I think it’d be hard for you to say that now. Yeah, tonight was great. Great performance by the offense. Great performance by the team. We scored in all three phases, scoring by all the different ways that we did on offense. Yeah, a great team win, a great team effort.”

No matter what you call it, the Cowboys of the six games before Sunday weren’t the same team as the Cowboys of the first six games of the season. At least offensively.

In the first six games of the season, the Cowboys averaged 460.8 yards and 34.2 points per game. After missing a game with his calf injury, Prescott returned in Week 9, and the Cowboys averaged 351.7 yards and 25.1 points over the next six games.

Prescott had only nine touchdowns and six interceptions combined the previous six games, with only one 300-yard game in that span.

“The calf injury has been behind me for weeks now,” Prescott said. “You guys can continue to talk about it if you want, as I said, I hadn’t played my best ball, but I promise you it’s not because of my calf.”

On Sunday, he became the first quarterback to throw a touchdown pass to a tight end, running back, receiver and offensive lineman in the same game.

The Cowboys are back offensively even if they insist they never went anywhere.

“I’ve been number one in the league in offense,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “That doesn’t guarantee you a championship, and when you’re team is lopsided that way, it’s a lot harder on the defense and the special teams. I think you’re seeing a team that’s more balanced. It’s more complementary and has the ability to win the game in all three phases, and that’s what we want to be. We still have a lot of work to do and I think our guys recognize that. We want to be complementary football. This ain’t about statistics.”

7 responses to “Dak Prescott: It’d be hard for anyone to say we’re in a slump now

  1. Lol hes pounding his chest over a win against an opponent that didn’t exert any effort whatsoever

  2. The Cowboys really shouldn’t pump their chests out about bludgenouning my Washington team last night. The team was decimated at virtually every position. It was like beating up on a cripple. We’ll see how good they truly are come playoff time.

  3. The O Line still needs some work. Other than that the Boys looked great yesterday! Amari is back and Gallup is galloping again. CD is running those sharp routes. Schultz has taken ownership of the TE position. The big need is to stay healthy!

  4. Dak seems pretty confident for a guy who will turn into a mocha Tony Romo in the first round of the playoffs in a couple weeks.

    I swear, Dallas and their cupcake fans just love chirping during the regular season. Make sure to save some seats on the couch after the wildcard round

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