Daron Payne, Jonathan Allen downplay sideline fight as a product of frustration


Washington head coach Ron Rivera missed the sideline kerfuffle behind him on the bench, but NBC cameras caught the scuffle between teammates Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne. It didn’t take long for word about the fight to reach Rivera.

“I had no idea about that. I was told about it later, after it happened,” Rivera said, via Nicki Jhabvala of The Washington Post. “I’ve talked to both of them. What my players say to me is really nobody’s business.”

Rivera said the team will not punish either player.

With Washington trailing 28-7, Payne and Allen jawed at each other before Payne stood and poked a finger in Allen’s face. That prompted Allen to throw a punch at Payne. Defensive line coach Sam Mills stepped between the players as other teammates tried to calm tempers.

Allen and Payne played together at Alabama and now have spent four seasons side by side in Washington.

“You got brothers? Y’all fight, don’t you?” Payne said before adding that “it’s all good” between he and Allen.

Allen also downplayed the sideline exchange, saying it doesn’t take “a rocket scientist” to figure out why it happened based on how the game went. Washington lost 56-14 to Dallas.

“When things are going bad like they are, things get heated,” he said. “Shit happens. Brothers fight.”

12 responses to “Daron Payne, Jonathan Allen downplay sideline fight as a product of frustration

  1. Should have used that hostility towards getting to Prescott instead of each other.

  2. Oh yeah it’s all normal. That’s why you see that with every team every week.

    Well, I mean, at least from one team every week.

    Oh wait it doesn’t even happen that often.


  3. The moral to the story… Losing sucks and getting embarrassed is even worse. You never see fights on a team that’s winning a game.

  4. Honestly, with all of the injuries and covid players out for Washington, they should be proud that it wasn’t uglier.

  5. As a WFT fan I can tell you that Allen/Payne aren’t the problem. They fought because they care and want to win, and they handled everything afterwards like real men.

  6. These 2 guys have been together as teammates for the past 8 or 9 years.
    I think there’s been too much made of the sideling incident.
    No it didn’t look good,… but the emotion was performance related. They hate losing and they were getting run over by a truck. Emotions got high and the bubble burst. Stuff happens.

  7. supercharger says:
    December 27, 2021 at 7:59 am
    That punch completely whiffed. Punch w your two front knuckles, not your back two.

    Yeah, like you know so much about throwing a punch. To be fair, however, you’re probably very knowledgeable with receiving them.

  8. So they lost it on the sidelines. Whats wrong with showing some passion when you’re getting your ass handed to you by the Cowboys. Its a big boys game. Well done to both of them for their responses. Done. Move on.

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