If Saints and Eagles win out, 49ers are left out

San Francisco 49ers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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A few days ago, the 49ers seemed to be a lock for the postseason. Suddenly, it seems a little tenuous.

Here’s how tenuous it is. Even if the 49ers win their final two games (Texans, at Rams), they’ll miss the playoffs if the Saints finish 3-0 (Dolphins, Panthers, at Falcons) and Eagles (at Washington, Cowboys) win out.

In that case, all would be 10-7 and the tiebreakers would go to New Orleans and Philadelphia.

The other playoff teams in the NFC surely are hoping for that outcome. Given the way they’re constructed, the 49ers could be very dangerous in the postseason. Indeed, most if not all of the teams in the NFC field would prefer to face the Saints or the Eagles instead of the 49ers. If both teams keep winning (starting tonight with Dolphins at Saints), that’s what will happen.

14 responses to “If Saints and Eagles win out, 49ers are left out

  1. I don’t have a ton of confidence in the birds beating Dallas unless Dallas is resting starters.

    Maybe this year the Cowboys will win a playoff game. They’ve won a solid 2 of those in the past 25 years!

  2. The only way the Eagles win out is if Dallas rests their starters in Week 18.

    If the #1 or #2 is still in play, then Dallas will play to win.

  3. Tbh none of the 3 are very likely to win out. 49ers probably have the best chance though because they have the Rams number. With how Jekyll and Hyde they are though I wouldn’t be shocked if they blew it against Houston.

  4. Saints aren’t special enough to get a reschedule for covid players out in particular when combined with the insane number of injuries and players on IR including their starting QB, star WR and even kicker so it’s going to be very doubtful they’ll be able to win out.

    Still very curious how the NFL at the end of the season is going to justify giving some teams an unfair advantage while not doing the same for all.

  5. Just look at the teams they’ve beat vs the teams the eagles and saints have beaten. The niners resume is way better on paper. That said, jimmy g is still jimmy g

  6. I have a hard time believing that the Saints with their 4th string QB will beat the surging Dolphins.

  7. Saints have overcome a lot, but I don’t think they can win out given how depleted they are by injury and covid. MIA and rival ATL will be really tough. Eagles look like a lock given their schedule and how they have played. I have to admit I am really impressed with Sirianni as a rookie HC. Niners, don’t know enough about. They seem to have the talent to get it done

  8. dundadda says:
    December 27, 2021 at 7:28 pm
    49ers beat the eagles in week 2 or 3. They have the tie breaker over the eagles if tied

    That is the rule if 2 teams are tied for a spot. If 3 teams are tied it’s slightly different and the difference benefits the Eagles.

    49ers would be out. Regardless, I don’t see how the Saints win tonight with a 4th string QB so the 49ers fate should be in their own hands by the end of the night.

  9. As a 49er fan, I’m not counting on us beating the Rams again. They are too good a team to beat that many times in a row. We REALLY need the Saints to keep tanking.

  10. Dallas has the number 2 seed right now.

    It is next best thing to having the number one seed. There is no way they are going to rest their starters on the last game. If they lose and the Rams win, Dallas will be the 3rd seed or lower.

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