Matt Judon, Ja’Whaun Bentley to Patriots COVID-19 reserve list

NFL: DEC 18 Patriots at Colts
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A pair of starting Patriots defensive players landed on the COVID-19 reserve list on Monday.

Linebackers Matt Judon and Ja'whaun Bentley have both been placed on the list. If vaccinated, both players can test off the list in time to play against the Jaguars in Week 17.

Judon leads the Patriots with 12.5 sacks and also has 57 tackles and a fumble recovery while starting all 15 games. Bentley has started 14 games and has 88 tackles, three forced fumbles, and a sack on the season.

Running back Rhamondre Stevenson, defensive end Deatrich Wise, and offensive lineman Yasir Durant all missed Sunday’s loss to the Bills while on the COVID reserve list and remain there on Monday.

7 responses to “Matt Judon, Ja’Whaun Bentley to Patriots COVID-19 reserve list

  1. Judon wasn’t good yesterday and maybe this was why. Makes sense.

    Gonna be a crazy month across the league.

  2. Judon was up against a guy yesterday who just survived Covid in August and was on the list last week.

  3. Judon needs to set the edge and stop getting lost upfield stop chasing sacks and keep your lane integrity.

  4. Maybe Judon and Bentley should give the TB12 Center a call for some of those $1K COVID supplements. 🙂

    On second thought maybe it’s better not to be associated to that place in any way when the PED bust happens and Alex Guerrero spills the beans and Tampa Tammy has to forfeit his Bucs ring.

    Come on now. You don’t REALLY think a 44 year old QB plays like this without ahem “help” do you? 🤔

  5. So much for plugging in any QB to the ‘system’ – Brady WAS the system. As a head coach, Bill was sub .500 pre-Brady and is now sub .500 post Brady…speaks for itself with Brady at 43 in his FIRST season with a NEW team and easily winning the super bowl! And now on his way to a repeat vs the Chiefs. BB should give his pathetic boat with the ring count on the back to the guy who actually EARNED those rings in SPITE of working with a LOSING head coach….uh, that would be BRADY and Tuna. Case closed.

  6. Tampa Tammy suspended for cheating and throws tantrums at other team’s coaches and the refs. Embarrassing. And you know who else somehow got “better” at Tammy’s age? Barry Bonds.

    That’s quite the name to be associated to. You’ll see why very soon.

    I like Jones. Thankfully doesn’t have to do that stuff. I like my quarterbacks with integrity.

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