Matt Nagy operating under assumption he’ll coach Bears last two games

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
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Bears head coach Matt Nagy has ostensibly been on the hot seat all year.

But with teams being allowed to request interviews with assistants for head coaching positions beginning Tuesday at 8 a.m. ET, there is some more relevance to Nagy’s job security.

Nagy was asked directly in his Monday press conference if he’s operating under the assumption he’ll coach the Bears’ last two games and replied, “Yes.” He was also asked if he would be speaking with the Bears’ higher-ups about year-end evaluations soon and noted that nothing has changed on the usual timeline.

We stay on the same path as far as the communication that we have with George [McCaskey], Ted [Phillips], Ryan [Pace], and myself,” Nagy said. “Nothing’s changed there. And every year you’re always aware of the situation of your team and players, coaches, all that stuff. And we’re continuing to move forward this week and prepare for the Giants. … I think we all owe that to each other, for today and for this week with the Giants and finishing out this week on a high note trying to get a win. And then doing it again in the final game of the season. So to answer your question, nothing has changed as far as communication that way.”

Nagy is 33-30 in four seasons with the Bears, including a pair of playoff appearances. Chicago is currently 5-10 after Sunday’s victory over Seattle.

11 responses to “Matt Nagy operating under assumption he’ll coach Bears last two games

  1. If Nagy’s win/loss record is better then Shanahan over all these years, what does that say about Shanahan?

  2. I can’t imagine Matt Nagy getting another head coaching job in the NFL…back to coordinating you go!!!

  3. Instead of talking about the next 2 weeks why not discuss his failure to just reduce the number of Bear pre-snap penalties or go a whole game without an unsportsmanlike call.

  4. Ted Phillips is there to control the Bears taking in more revenue than they pay out each year. This he does well. Anything else is not really required.

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