Matt Rhule: I didn’t ask if my job is safe, but Panthers owner David Tepper has shown confidence

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Panthers coach Matt Rhule is among the NFL coaches whose job could be in jeopardy, but he says owner David Tepper is confident in him — even if Rhule hasn’t been told whether his job is safe.

Rhule said today that he talked to Tepper and the two had a positive conversation.

“I talked to Dave today,” Rhule said. “He’s been unbelievably supportive. All of our conversations this morning were about the best things to do moving forward. He’s been tremendously supportive and shown me a ton of confidence. We’re certainly not where we want to be but we knew that this was something that was gonna have to be done right. Dave’s been nothing but great to me and I appreciate his confidence.”

Rhule said he didn’t ask directly whether his job is safe and will let Tepper speak to that if he chooses to.

“I don’t ask those direct questions and I certainly would never speak to his words,” Rhule said. “I would never speak for him. I would feel like that’d be out of line.”

There’s no doubt that Rhule has fallen short of what Tepper was expecting. But at this point it’s unknown whether Tepper thinks he can make the Panthers better by moving in a new direction.

13 responses to “Matt Rhule: I didn’t ask if my job is safe, but Panthers owner David Tepper has shown confidence

  1. Wasn’t that long ago that Tepper was touted as the owner of the future. After several terrible decisions —including getting in a bidding war with himself for a .500 college coach with near-zero NFL coaching experience– who knows what is next for a franchise which suddenly is a mess?

  2. Matt Rhule is a great coach. So is Bill Belichick. Last year, when Belichick was in an uncertain QB situation, he lost more games than he won. Yes, even the GOAT needs a stable QB situation to succeed in the NFL. Why would anyone expect more from Matt Rhule than they expect from Bill Belichick? Seriously. Weren’t we all doubting Bruce Arians a couple years ago? He signed a QB and that fixed everything. It’s impossible for me to evaluate a coach unless he has an elite QB taking every snap. If he doesn’t have an elite QB, then we should be asking about the GM’s job. The league has been tweaking the rules every year to give the QB more and more of an advantage. It’s to the point where the teams with the best QB’s, regardless of who’s coaching, win the most games and championships.

  3. If he actually had some players and this was their record, sure…but lets see how things go after he has a chance to really build his own roster out.

  4. Rhule does not measure up to his peers in that division..

    To early to say About Arthur Smith But Super Bowl winning Coaches Bruce Arians and Sean Payton are coaches they face twice a year… 3rd place is the best they likely do a year UNLESS they upgrade at HC!

  5. Hes most def gone after this year. He stinks and always was a reach for HC. He had a losing record in college

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