Monday Night Football: Dolphins rack up eight sacks in 20-3 win over Saints

Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints
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A substantially depleted New Orleans Saints team proved no match for the Miami Dolphins on Monday night.

Tua Tagovailoa threw for 198 yards with a touchdown and an interception, Jaylen Waddle caught 10 passes for 92 yards and a score, and the Miami defense harassed Saints starting quarterback Ian Book for eight sacks in a 20-3 victory.

Book was getting the start for New Orleans with both Taysom Hill and Trevor Siemian on the COVID-19 reserve list. Hill and Siemian are among 22 players on the COVID-19 reserve list for New Orleans and starting left tackle Terron Armstead was also inactive for the contest due to a knee injury.

Emmanuel Ogbah (2.0), Jerome Baker (1.5), Brandon Jones (1.0), Zach Sieler (1.0), Xavien Howard (1.0), Raekwon Davis (0.5), Christian Wilkins (0.5) and Jevon Holland (0.5) all contributed to the sack party on Book. The Dolphins defense didn’t allow a single third down conversion from the Saints as they were 0-for-12 on the night.

Book completed just 12-of-20 passes for 135 yards and was intercepted twice by Miami.

Nik Needham intercepted Book’s second pass of the night and returned it for a 28-yard touchdown to give the Dolphins a 7-0 lead.

A 48-yard field goal from Jason Sanders extended the Miami lead to 10-0 late in the first quarter.

The Saints only significant drive of the first half covered 55 yards on eight plays and took advantage of a roughing the passer call against Book by Brandon Jones. Brett Maher converted a 38-yard field goal to get New Orleans on the board late in the half.

Tagovailoa made big connections with Mack Hollins for 40 yards and Waddle for 24 yards as Miami marched 86 yards on nine plays on a decisive third quarter drive. A 1-yard touchdown from Tagovailoa to Waddle made it a 17-3 game as the Dolphins took full command.

Brandon Jones intercepted Book in the fourth quarter to put the finishing touches on a stellar outing for the Dolphins defense.

Caleb Benenoch started at right tackle for New Orleans. He would leave the game in the fourth quarter with Kyle Murphy taking his place to finish the game. The Saints signed Murphy today to add emergency depth to the roster.

27 responses to “Monday Night Football: Dolphins rack up eight sacks in 20-3 win over Saints

  1. Not terribly impressive and a shame that the game had to be played with so many out. But, Miami did what they needed to do and we’ll see about next week…

  2. Amazing turnaround this season by Miami. It’s impressive no matter the opposition. Brian Flores is a real NFL coach unlike the so called overrated college coaches like Meyer,Rhule etc

  3. This is why I don’t believe in firing a coach after a QB’s rookie season. If you hadn’t been following NFL football, you’d probably think Sean Payton was a horrible coach. If you’re thinking about firing a coach who doesn’t have an elite QB, you’re lazy and not solving anything.

  4. Can hardly wait to see saints offensive line grades from this game. Threw Book to the wolves. Wonder if angola has a team to recruit from?

  5. Payton screwed the pooch when he trusted a rookie QB to throw that many times and effectively took his best player out of the game. With a rookie QB and a dynamic RB like Kamara, you need to keep handing the ball off. Try something outside the tackles. Dont take away a HR threat and cripple the young kid like that.

  6. The Dolphins beat a Saints team with 21 players on the Covid-reserve list. The Dolphins were basically playing the Saints practice squad with a few starters thrown in.

    I wouldn’t feel great about this win. Due to Covid, the Saints were barely even able to find enough players to field a team. Really. We were down to our fourth string quarterback. (Winston, Simeon, Hill, the Book).

    A win is a win, but I wouldn’t get too psyched about beating the Saints JV squad.

    I bet Drew Brees was at home watching the offensive line 3rd and 4th stringers trying to defend Book and thanking his lucky stars he didn’t come back for this game.

  7. First team in NFL history to lose seven straight then go ahead to win the next seven. Only in 2021

  8. I keep hearing the Dolphins haven’t played good teams but they beat the Patriots in week one.

  9. Remember when the Eagles fans were dreaming of 2 top 5 picks in next year’s draft with their own? Pepperidge Farms remembers….

  10. Easiest Under bet one could make. Couldn’t believe most betting sites said to shy away at 37. I was going down to 30.

  11. Of course the Fins will be looked down on for beating a depleted Saints team. But they took care of business all the same & did what they should have done. All 7 wins were against NFL teams. Still no love. How much more real can it get beating the Ravens? I’m not predicting anything, nor gloating. They’re going out there every week & giving it their best. That’s what’s good here.

  12. 1. New Orleans players are all Pro athletes and their defense was missing just two starters. Last week they shutout Tom Brady and the Bucs.

    2. When your opponent is giving you a win the number one rule is to accept it. Hopefully any injuries will be minor and the Florida sunshine will keep our Covid numbers low for the rest of the season.

    3. The entire NFL knows short passes to Waddle is 80% of our offense but nobody (including the Ravens) can stop it.

    3. Tua gets 2.5 seconds to make a decision and release a pass. He completes 75% of those passes. Not many qbs in the league that can do that.

    3b Our o-line sucks and we have no rushing game, yet we are in a 7 game winning streak. (Also see number 2 above).

    Give Tua another 1/2 a second and just an average running attack where would we be? Probably won’t happen until next year but with a few good bounces we are a playoff team… THIS YEAR!

  13. Yawn. Beat the saints 2nd half Preseason team. Nothing to thump your chest about…..

  14. I’ve had covid recently. It SUCKED…for a long time. But the protocols have affected my life in a far more serious and harmful way.

  15. I would hate to be Ian Book trying to get out of bed in the morning. He was massacred out there. He now know what a pinata feels like.

  16. Saints had 20 players out due to covid including 3 QBs. They already had a host of starters on IR to boot.

    Not sure what the criteria the NFL used when handing out reschedules due to covid but this game was just farcical.

  17. Saints JV did as well as they could. Miami not sniffing 300 yards and only scoring one touchdown when the Saints literally couldn’t convert a 3rd down is pretty unimpressive. Book needs to learn when to throw the ball away and when not to. He had zero protection from 4th-5th string tackles, but didn’t help himself much.

  18. Congrats to the Fins. they took care of business. A win is a win is a win. Never discount the importance of a win

    As for my team, I’m proud that they essentially held an up and coming Dolphins team offense to 13 points.

    One of the posters mentioned that they should have run Kamara outside. The fourth string o-line (Ruiz and McCoy, two centers, were the only regulars) would have gotten Kamara killed if he tried to run outside. Saints did the best with what they had. That’s football, that’s life.

    Still proud of the coaches and the team for competing hard

  19. NO is kind of pathetic when your two back ups both get covid and mess up the entire season for you. The guy they played was god awful and will never be an nfl qb. His arm is a wet noodle and so is his brain.
    What I think the fans should be pissed about is how did both your QB’s get this at the same time? Is the team are partying together????
    Last night on the news a waitress was shown telling how the Jets QB gave her two tickets to the jets game for a tip. Got to thinking, your the team QB and your out eating in a restuarant in NYC like nothing is going on.

  20. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    December 28, 2021 at 12:02 am
    I keep hearing the Dolphins haven’t played good teams but they beat the Patriots in week one


    Umm… the Dolphins are playing the same schedule as the Patriots and Bills, so enough of the Strength of schedule excuses. Also, Tua has been behind a JV OLINE his entire career and somehow is 10-7, while superstar Justin Herbert went a Top 10 Offense and is 12-13. Go figure.

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