Pete Carroll doesn’t think Seahawks need to “restart” things before next season

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks are 10-game losers for the first time since Pete Carroll became their head coach and will finish this season with their first losing record since 2011, which was the year before quarterback Russell Wilson joined the club.

They’ve enjoyed a long run of success since that point, but some see this season’s struggles as a sign that it is time for a reboot that could include a new quarterback or head coach among other changes designed to point the team back in the right direction. During a Monday appearance on 710 ESPN, Carroll said he does not believe that the time has come to embark on a rebuilding effort.

“Not for one reason at all am I thinking that we have to restart this whole thing and create a new philosophy and a new approach and all that. I don’t think that,” Carroll said. “I think we’ve got the essence of the things that we need. We’ve got to build on them, we’ve got to support it better, and we’ve got to continue to grow and progress. There’s no standing still, but there’s the foundation for doing things.”

Carroll said that he believes the team has “young players that are helping us and on the come up and growing” while pointing to the pass rush and cornerback as areas the team can build upon heading into next season. He also said “we weren’t as strong around” Wilson as they needed to be, but there will likely need to be some certainty about Wilson’s return before the team makes plans for how to address their offensive needs.

Any attempts to improve will be made more difficult by the lack of a first-round pick for the second straight year, so there’s both a lot of work and a lot of decisions to make as the Seahawks turn the page from a disappointing 2021 season.

7 responses to “Pete Carroll doesn’t think Seahawks need to “restart” things before next season

  1. That right there is why he should be fired.

    Season might be totally different if they drafted Creed Humphrey instead of a gadget receiver in Dee Eskridge that barely saw the field this seaso.

    Schneider should go too. They are hopeless at drafting. They try to get cute every draft.

  2. After a decade of being very successful, I’m supporting Coach Carroll/GM John Schneider. In fact, I’m going to advocate that they get at least one more year with Russell to get back to the dance. I’m certainly hoping & expect they try to make improvements on the Pass Protecting O-Line, Edge Rushing D-Line, CB, & overall Depth. With the 38th draft pick (give or take) they will have a chance to address a need. Free Agency will be the other option & with huge Cap Space in 2022, that might be a solid option.

    If next season the Seahawks are not in the mix for a top playoff spot, then & only then, will it be time to totally revamp the organization.

  3. With Pete’s style and being so stubborn, it’s shocking it’s taken until now for a year like this to happen. The reality is they’ve been playing like this for years. The only difference is up until this year they’ve been lucky to be on the winning side of most of these close games and it’s finally caught up to them. Most of us Seahawk fans knew it was only a matter of time until the ball started bouncing the other way. Pete needed to hit the road yesterday and it’s clear now that Russ is nowhere near an elite QB. If they can get just 1 first for Wilson this offseason, they gotta take it. He’s further destroying his trade value every time he takes the field.

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