Report: Jaguars will retain Trent Baalke as G.M.

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The Jaguars have unofficially limited the potential universe of head coaches to succeed Urban Meyer.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that G.M. Trent Baalke will participate in the search for a new coach, and that he will be retained moving forward. Both Baalke and the next coach will report directly to owner Shad Khan.

This decision means that any coach who would want to hire his own personnel specialist will be less likely to be interested in the job. The price of getting the gig now includes accepting that Baalke will be the G.M.

A holdover from the Dave Caldwell regime, Baalke was essentially hired by Meyer. The new coach won’t have that luxury.

Khan presumably realizes the practical impact of making such a decision. He’s basically delegating much of the authority over the hire to Baalke, and he’s ensuring that whoever takes the job will be fine working with the former 49ers G.M.

Once the hire is made, the fact that both coach and G.M. will report to Khan sets the stage for potential dysfunction, with the coach blaming failure on a lack of talent and the G.M. blaming struggles on the coach’s failure to get the most out of the talent that has been acquired.

The best approach for any NFL team continues to be shared accountability of the coach and the head of personnel. Both succeed or both fail. Both stay or both go. In Jacksonville, that may not be the case once a new coach is hired.

13 responses to “Report: Jaguars will retain Trent Baalke as G.M.

  1. Khan needs to remove himself from all football operations and go hire a football guy, almost any football guy at this point. Lawrence never should have agreed to go there. If there was ever a time to pull an Elway/Eli move this was it. Can create his own move and force a trade in his 2nd year.

  2. At the end of the day, this is all much ado about nothing. You either hit in the draft on a HOF QB or you pound sand.

  3. Trent’s already wrecked the Jaguars. Whoever hired Baalke and Meyer should not be involved in the next hire.

  4. Bad move Khan. Your GM is a BIG part of the problem. It won’t get fixed to you get a new GM.

  5. Trent Baalke tried to take credit for a 49er SB team that was assembled before he took over. In 2 years he turned them into a totally disfunctional mess, a plague team that players and coaches fled enmasse. The only free agents who signed on were end-of-the-line guys out for one last payout. It was only after Baalke was fired that the 49ers started to become contenders again. Baalke? Really?

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