Report: Jimmy Garoppolo has “a more significant injury” than right thumb sprain

San Francisco 49ers v Tennessee Titans
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49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo‘s absence from Monday’s practice raised some eyebrows. Now there’s some question as to whether Garoppolo will be available for Sunday’s game against the Texans.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters in his Monday press conference that Garoppolo suffered a right thumb sprain during last week’s loss to the Titans. Shanahan noted that the 49ers will have to determine later if Garoppolo will be able to practice on Wednesday.

But just after Shanahan’s press conference, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Garoppolo’s injury is thought to be “a more significant injury” than just a right thumb sprain.

No matter what the injury actually is, if Garoppolo is not available for Sunday’s game, then No. 3 overall pick Trey Lance would be in line to start.

Via Matt Barrows of, Shanahan said Lance has experienced “the best consecutive four weeks of practice since we’ve had him.” Shanahan noted Lance will have “a chance” to play against Houston if Garoppolo can’t throw as he normally does.

Lance started San Francisco’s Week Five loss against Arizona, going 15-of-29 for 192 yards and an interception, plus 16 caries for 89 yards. He’s played just five offensive snaps since that start.

16 responses to “Report: Jimmy Garoppolo has “a more significant injury” than right thumb sprain

  1. What better team for lance to get some experience against than the lowly Texans?

  2. If Garoppolo does play, the thumb sprain will be a perfect excuse for another 2-3 pick game. Go get ‘em Int. Jimmy G!

  3. Texans win by ten, no one should be shocked. Shanahan has a worse record and trips to the playoffs than Matt Nagy. Let that sink in, he’s overrated.

  4. If Lance plays, the Niners will lose to the Texans and won’t make the playoffs.

    Quarterbacks, especially rookie quarterbacks, benefit by sitting behind the starter for 1-3 years or so.

    Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, Pat Mahomes..

    Sure…every now and then a rookie does great in his first year, Like Andrew Luck or Justin Herbert, but they are the exceptionsto the rule.

  5. Davis Mills might just be the best QB out of the 2021 class. Highest rated out of high school, over Trevor Lawrence. Circumstances led to just 11 collegiate games at Standford. Gets thrown into the NFL way too early (week 2), survives, gets to sit and digest behind Taylor in the middle of the season and in last 3 games has gotten better and better. And has done all of this on a team in the midst of major dysfunction, major turnover, all new coaches, etc. He still looks like a rookie but he has all the tools and the progression he shown on a team like the Texans, relatively, he’s done fantastic. Texans have their QB.

  6. Best four weeks of practice. Hahahaha. OMG, watching Shanahan contort himself trying to convince everyone that mortgaging the future for Lance was a good move is priceless.

  7. This was probably the plan all along. You play the QB who gives you the best chance to win. If Garoppolo gets injured, Trey Lance gets put in regardless. You can’t predict injuries. It’s how it happened with Alex Smith and Kaepernick. Alex played the first year Harbaugh was coach because there wasn’t a pre-season, and Kap had no clue. But Smith got hurt mid-way through year two, and Kap stepped in and led them to the super bowl. He got on a roll and he held onto the job. Hoping Lance can do the same. That’s why they drafted him #3 overall.

  8. Lance can throw down field,avoid pressure,and is going to prove it with a win on Sunday. After Garapollo’s joke of a performance last Thursday, it’s time for a change and with the weapons he’ll have at his disposal, I think he’ll do just fine. Niners win big on Sunday

  9. The Texans looked pretty decent while rolling the Chargers on Sunday. This next game could be a problem for the 49ers.

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