Ron Rivera: Washington is dealing with some “real-life shit”

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys
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Washington won four games in a row to climb back into the playoff picture, but it quickly fell out of contention with three consecutive losses. It had its Week 15 game against the Eagles postponed because of a COVID-19 outbreak but still played without 15 players, including quarterbacks Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen.

Washington has lost its past three games by 110-51 and is limping to the finish line.

Besides its COVID and injury issues, the team also had safety Deshazor Everett involved in a car crash that killed a passenger last week.

Coach Ron Rivera admitted after the Sunday night slaughter at the hands of the Cowboys that his team is mentally taxed.

“You have to deal with those things, and it’s tough. It’s not easy to try to separate and compartmentalize situations like that. It spills over,” Rivera said. “It’s human nature. These guys are more than just robots. These guys have feelings. These are players; these are people. They got a teammate going through something right now. It’s tough. You have an opportunity, and you don’t have everybody playing. That’s hard on them. That’s not normal shit. That’s real-life shit, and that’s what they’re dealing with. These are young men, and we’re just trying to help them along the way.”

The frustration spilled over to the sideline Sunday night with defensive linemen Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen getting into an altercation on the bench. Payne, Allen and Rivera downplayed the scuffle afterward, explaining it as a product of frustration.

“It definitely affects us, but as professionals it’s our job to go out there and play good football, which, for the last two weeks, has been probably some of the worst football I’ve ever been a part of, including myself,” Allen said. “We have no one to blame but ourselves.”

5 responses to “Ron Rivera: Washington is dealing with some “real-life shit”

  1. It is a shame when the real world, which just totally sucks, gets in the way of what should be a good time.

  2. I have a saying, sometimes life gets in the way. They’re dealing with that, and a whole lot more. Very tough for young men. -Eagles fan.

  3. This has not been their year. I really dislike Snyder but I think Rivera is a great coach. Hopefully they bounce back next year.

  4. I agree, Rivera has done a commendable job keeping the franchise together from a football standpoint in the face of all the organizational and “real-life” turmoil going on around them.

  5. I like Rivera and don’t like Snyder also that’s why I believe the best thing for Ron would be for Snyder to let him go since Rivera and Snyder is like oil and water, they just don’t mix and never will, especially the way Snyder try’s to control everything. Ron needs to go somewhere that the owner and GM will let him do his thing without interference from above, Seattle would be a good option if they let Carroll go or maybe Minnesota, two places that don’t need a total rebuild like all of those bottom of the barrel teams that which HC’ing jobs will be available.

    Also Washington’s future QB isn’t currently on the team and this is a horrible year to be a QB needy team as there aren’t any what I’d say are franchise QBs coming out this draft, the only QBs out there will be QBs that other teams trade or don’t want and I don’t think Watson is the answer and Rodgers or Wilson’s cap hit will hamstring WFT team for years to come, besides there are to many “what if’s” by taking on Watson. And no matter what his stats say he’s still only a 4-12 QB when all the dust around him clears!

    Maybe if Ron stays on WFT they’re make a move for Tyler Huntely and get him cheap, that’d leave them enough cap space to load the team with all the other needed players.

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