Who’s in danger of getting fired by Tuesday morning?

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Teams with head-coaching vacancies as of 8:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, along with teams who have told their coaches they won’t be back, can begin interviewing assistant coaches from other teams, 12 days before the conclusion of the regular season. So which other coaches could learn in the next 40 hours or so that they’re out?

Here’s a list of guys who potentially have reason to be concerned, ranging from those who should be most concerned to those who should be least concerned.

Matt Nagy, Bears: Dysfunctional teams do dysfunctional things. And the Bears seem to be sufficiently dysfunctional to fire a guy with two playoff appearances in three seasons, eight months after authorizing a trade up to get a potential franchise quarterback, whom the next coach may not want. If they’ve already decided to make a change, there’s no reason to delay the implementation of the move. Which probably means they will.

Matt Rhule, Panthers: Owner David Tepper covets having greatness at quarterback, coach, and G.M. Once he decides that a given guy won’t be great, Tepper cuts the cord. Will he do that after a pair of so-so seasons from Rhule? The buyout would be enormous, but it’s the cost of doing business. Tepper, if he’s no longer sold on Rhule, would rather pay him not to coach and to pay someone else to do the job.

Vic Fangio, Broncos: New G.M. George Paton surely wants to hire his own coach, but the Broncos remain in the fringes of the playoff chase. Also, the possibility of a looming change in ownership could prompt the current power structure to tread water so that the new owner can hire the next coach, perhaps after 2022.

Mike Zimmer, Vikings: They remain alive for a playoff berth, and there’s not an ideal interim replacement on the staff. Which means that the Vikings will sit tight and then fall behind the other teams looking for new coaches, after the Vikings inevitably fail to make the playoffs.

Pete Carroll, Seahawks: He wasn’t originally on this list, but Sunday’s loss to the Bears merits a mention. No one knows what owner Jody Allen will do when the dusts settles on the season, but she could decided to kick up plenty of dust by nudging Carroll aside now. If she has decided to do it after the season ends, there’s no reason to wait. Other than to show respect to Carroll by letting him finish the season.

David Culley, Texans: He has seemed overmatched from the get go, but it’s becoming more and more clear that he got the job so that G.M. Nick Caserio can essentially be the shadow coach, communicating with Culley during games on matters of strategy and whatnot. Caserio would lose plenty of that influence and freedom with a coach who would scoff at the idea of being micromanaged by the G.M. That will make Caserio inclined to stay the course. A late-season winning streak doesn’t hurt, despite the damage it will do to Houston’s draft priority.

Robert Saleh, Jets: It’s highly unlikely that Saleh will be one and done. The bigger potential problem would happen if the Jets fire G.M. Joe Douglas and then hire a new boss who may want a different coach. Like Douglas did after he got the job.

Joe Judge, Giants: He’s reportedly safe. Some think he shouldn’t be. But all that matters is what ownership wants. And ownership apparently wants to break its trend of firing coaches after two seasons.

100 responses to “Who’s in danger of getting fired by Tuesday morning?

  1. 34-10 and the score made it look closer than it was. How is Joe Judge safe? John Mara needs to wake up.

  2. judge, ruhle and zimmer are gone by tuesday (never trust a mara). culley just saved his job. nagy is done at the end of the season because it’s the bears. fangio and salah get another year.

  3. The modern game is a not only a young man’s game, it’s also a young-minded man’s game. Time for Zim to enjoy his life outside football, Kentucky ranch, supermodel gf, enjoying that gaze into the sky that comes when it’s time to

  4. I’ll throw my support behind long embattled Mike Zimmer.

    This poor guy is seriously getting the short end of the stick if the Vikings decide to move on from him.

    He’s only been there 8 short seasons.
    It takes some time for a coach to get comfortable in a place, implementing his philosophy and schemes.
    Also drafting and acquiring the proper personnel to fully realize your roster is always a work in progress.

    In all honesty, I believe a new lifetime extension is well overdue for the best head coach in the NFL.
    In Zimmer We Trust!!!

  5. Artice is spot on regarding Zimmer. The Vikes will cling onto him as long as possible, only to miss out on some top choices for HC early on.

  6. David Culley (FOR SURE!)… Never really gave that team a chance even with drama…
    Matt Rhule – Panthers deserve better…
    Joe Judge – a once respectable team now just padding their opponents win column…
    Vic Fangio – another once respectable team just padding other teamsw win column..

  7. Hey now…. Everyone knows that the only reason the Vikes lose games is due the refs. Why even today the refs just let the ram hoodlums tackle the Vikings offensive players instead of just letting them score TDs. The fix is in.

    Zimmer should keep his job. It’s the refs who should be fired.

  8. NYG should clear the top 3 chairs and start fresh. Not a fan of them, or against, but from the outside seems a clear need. Maybe Judge and Jones seem better up close but from a far they seem low NFL grade if NFL grade at all. IMO

  9. Its time for Matt Rhule to go and its should be sooner than later. Time for Rhule to fish or cut bait.

  10. Well said Mike, I was thinking the same thing about the Vikes. They’ll wait and be stuck with another coach that’s 20 years behind the rest of the top teams in the league.. I’d say they’re in a rebuild, but that would imply they’d built something and and won. The “build” continues….

  11. Just a few weeks ago, fans were claiming they were going to run away with the division. What happened? Also, what happened to owning up your trash talk? I’ve heard it all year from Vikings fans on every single Packers post but if anyone comments on a Vikings post they’re villains. How ironic.

  12. Word on the street here in Charlotte is that Rhule has already been informed that he’s fired. It’s just a matter of when they announce it.

  13. The current coach in Arizona doing a nose dive. Do the Bidwells pull the plug now stop the bleeding and let someone else coach them in the playoffs.

    It is obvious Kingsbury isn’t very good with that debacle in Detroit.

  14. Matt Nagy has a 32-31 record. He has 1 winning season in 4 years. His record over the last 3 years is 20-27. His team has progressively gotten worse and worse.

  15. “The bigger potential problem would happen if the Jets fire G.M. Joe Douglas and then hire a new boss who may want a different coach.”

    They fired their GM and kept Rex Ryan and told candidates they couldn’t fire Ryan for at least one year. John Idzik wanted to rebuild, Ryan wanted to win now and both got fired two years later.

  16. “What good does it do to create lists like this? I don’t like it. One man’s hotseat is another man’s heated bidet.”
    -Mike Zimmer

  17. Nagy, offense genius would not have won 10 games without the defense which he never messed with. His offense system put hem in he bottom 10 of almost every offensive category no mater who is the QB.

  18. I think Culley deserves another year. He didn’t create this mess. He inherited it.

  19. If Nagy is fired by the Bears look for the Vikings to quickly fire Zimmer, lots of rumors saying Vikings brass just love Nagy & will offer a long 15 year guaranteed contract as highest paid in league…..skoal, heee heeee heeeeeee

  20. harryhodag says:
    December 26, 2021 at 6:44 pm
    Kliff Kingsbury. Close but no cigar is frustrating. Just ask the Packers.


    Owning you is fun, though. So there’s that.

  21. tokyosandblaster says:
    December 26, 2021 at 5:05 pm
    Hey now…. Everyone knows that the only reason the Vikes lose games is due the refs. Why even today the refs just let the ram hoodlums tackle the Vikings offensive players instead of just letting them score TDs. The fix is in.

    Zimmer should keep his job. It’s the refs who should be fired.

    I know you’re being sarcastic here, but you are 100% right about one thing. There are a bunch of Refs throughout the league that should be fired. With that being said, Zimmer definitely needs to go as well.

  22. vikro23 says:
    I know you’re being sarcastic here, but you are 100% right about one thing. There are a bunch of Refs throughout the league that should be fired. With that being said, Zimmer definitely needs to go as well.


    I’d go the other direction. Make the refs full time and have them practice being in the right place during the offseason.

  23. You can’t fire Nagy without firing Pace. It’s sheer stupidity to not do both. Why let Pace be a part of interviewing his third HC???

    My 60+ years under Halas/McCaskey rule says nothing will happen until the end of the regular season. Both will be gone and a fresh panel of consultants will throw darts at a board to determine our next HC.

  24. Giants ownership needs to break its trend of losing game after game after game after game.

  25. if tepper is so qb centric, than why did they draft horn? he owns the team, he shouldve demanded they draft fields or jones

  26. Nagy will stay through season’s end thanks to that win in Seattle yesterday. Hell if the Bears run the table, he may get an extension as the McCaskeys are incapable of evaluating a body of work beyond the last 3 games.

  27. Jets just had the best draft they’ve had in years. The 2020 draft was challenging for everyone, due to covid, but they seem to have had a good draft. I cannot imagine Douglas being fired. Douglas and Saleh align, which is crucial for success.

  28. Hopefully Aikman, he is the worst!!


    Cris Collinsworth is the worse by a long shot!

  29. With the players Spielman has given Zimmer over the years and they havent even made the playoffs the last two years, he has to be dealt with. He had the best wide receiver and last year best wide receiver, running back, two pro bowl tight ends, and one of the best QB’s in football, plus a dominent defensive line and you cant make the playoffs? Perhaps a new coach and small rebuild is in order.
    Word circling here in Minny pre season, was that if Zim didnt make the playoffs he was done.

  30. Matt Rhule is the worst Coach in the NFL at this point in time. FIRE MATT RHULE and move on. Tepper needs to get a life and do something about his football team which is in shambles and a “dumpster fire”.

  31. Seahawks and Carroll should be on the list. There were already rumors, possibly here, a month or so ago about ownership not being happy with the team. It’s hard to think losing to the bears makes them happier or anything that’s occurred recently. I’m also not saying it’s likely Carrol is fired or “they part ways” but I would it’s more likely than say Saleh and the Jets.

  32. Never understood the Matt Rhule hire to begin with. So he took a couple of crappy college programs and turned them into winners. Not juggernauts or champions, just a lot less crappy. That doesn’t make you ready to be an NFL HC.

  33. I think Seattle should be included on this list considering their loss to the Bears yesterday. You have to believe the Pete Carroll era is coming to a close soon.

  34. Ire the Steelers and Tomlin – from what I understand, the Rooneys have traditionally extended Tomlin’s contract every year (a five year deal, which has three years to run) a year at the end of each season as kind of a performance bonus. My guess is that the Steelers won’t fire Tomlin but will not give him his year extension “bonus” this year as a warning shot across the bow to improve the team’s performance – or else…..

  35. With regard to Carroll, pretty much everything that made the Seahawks good-to-great is now average to bad. Defense, O-Line, run game and yes, Russell Wilson. That’s a player thing, not a coaching thing. Maybe their GM is due for a closer look, too?

  36. I’m not following how firing Nagy makes the Bears dysfunctional. There are plenty of reasons they’re dysfunctional but getting rid of Nagy is 100% the right move. Yeah they authorized the trade up but this year has been a total disaster. Are they supposed to just endure another year of that since they authorized the trade up for Fields? You’d be wasting another year of Fields while he’s got an affordable contract

  37. Let’s not forget the Jags! I’m not putting the Raiders down because the interim coach has done a great job

  38. Pete Carroll-guy looks lost out there and showing clear signs of cognitive decline similar to our Dear Leader.

  39. I may be a Raider fan, but I like Fangio. I just think he needs the right players to make his system work. I hate to give advice to the Broncos, but there it is. Give him a QB and some solid defensive players, and the Broncos could be awesome.

  40. Matt Rhule is GONE.
    Joe Judge should be gone but probably won’t be if the report is true.
    I personally think Mike Zimmer should stay. He’s been average as of late but the problem with hiring HCs in the NFL is that it’s more of a miss than a hit.

  41. Did anyone watch the Texans beat a good Chargers team yesterday? That’s good coaching. David Culley has kept his team together and made good decisions. Who thought Davis Mills would be as good as he is? Everyone laughed when he said he gave the Texans the best chance to win. Culley has done an outstanding job under trying circumstances, got that team to play together. And I know Bears fans are on the war path but Nagy deserves another year. He’s got a good offensive coaching staff who is good with young QBs, and defense is in good hands.

  42. Zimmer must go ASAP — he’s the fruit of the poison Bengals/Marvin Lewis tree. Saleh 100% safe. Fangio (victim of Elway’s poor GM-ing) shouldn’t go but probably will. Nagy safe, OC Lazor not so much (re: see Zimmer). Culley and Caserio must be purged immediately. Dan Campbell’s certainly earned a spot on this list. Honorable mention: Pete Carroll (a mutation of The Hoodie’s misinformation & Phil Jackson’s empathy, but with fewer rings).

  43. johnwick says:
    December 26, 2021 at 5:23 pm
    Eric Bieniemy will be the new head coach of the Minnesota Vikings!
    An OC that has a high powered and successful offense, but doesn’t call any of the plays. Enjoy!

  44. Its hilarious how the packers have another great regular ref aided season and ALL they can they think about are the Vikings. Talk about some unhappy folks! Lol
    Yes, Zimmer is gone SOONER than later. Nagy should get another year, so should Fangio, Culley, Carroll,Judge and Ruhle. Unfortunately some of them won’t.

  45. pete carroll will leave when he’s ready. if you blow him out, you lose Schneider too, then rebuilding the franchise is left to a woman who inherited a team and had never even been to a football game prior to her brother gifting it to her.

    i doubt Pete sticks around, but between Wilson’s injury and Covid, hard to put all this on the guy who rebuilt the franchise

  46. You should do one on who will hire Super Bowl winning coach Doug Pederson to be their next head coach.

  47. Nagy and Fangio should be gone. Zimmer probably, but they are technically still alive for now. Culley was hired to be the sacrificial lamb so it wouldnt surprise me. Saleh just took over a bad team so I dont get why hes on the list, and hes not a sacrificial lamb like Culley. Carroll isnt going anywhere unless he wants to. I doubt Rhule gets the axe this year and supposedly Judge is safe

  48. Fire Judge and Gettleman. Let’s stop tanking at the end of this season. Lane Johnson, OT, had more receiving yards than Saquon Barkley did yesterday. Great scheme.

  49. The minute Matt Nagy used the kicker as a scapegoat after that playoff loss to the Eagles he should have been fired. The clown brought in like 20 kickers the following off season even though the real problem was the clown coach wearing the visor.

  50. It’s sad when coaches get fired, not only for them, but for their families and all their assistant coaches and their families.
    It’s made even tougher because if you get another job, it means you’ll have to uproot your family and move.
    My dad put 20 years in the service and we moved many times. It was so hard on my mom and my sister, brothers, and me. So that’s why I feel compassion for these guys who get fired.

  51. Vikings fans shouldn’t be too down. Remember the Viking team motto…”There’s always next year!”

  52. About the Texans and David Culley:

    “A late-season winning streak doesn’t hurt, despite the damage it will do to Houston’s draft priority.”

    Draft position before the “winning streak” started = 2
    Draft position after the 2 game “winning streak” = 3

    One of those 2 wins was against the Jaguars after firing Urban Meyer. Somebody had to win the game!

    Last 2 games are against better opponents that are/will:should be playing for something.

    Not sure that raises to the level of “DAMAGE”-ing your draft priority

  53. It’s actually amazing that Campbell has gotten 2 wins and a tie with a lack of talent at the skilled positions.

  54. I long for the day Fangio’s confused face is no longer bungling head coaching responsibilities on the Broncos sidelines.

    And Pat Shurmur shouldn’t be employed in the NFL again. Ever.

  55. Fangio should be Coach Of The Year with what he’s done with that team. Get him a QB and he will be a consistent playoff contender.

  56. Teams shouldn’t be allowed to interview or hire new coaches until the season is over. It clearly directly affects how these coaches perform with their current teams and it puts teams that keep their coaches through the rest of the season at a clear disadvantage.

  57. Fire Nagy and hire Pederson…da Bears already have half the Eagle’s SB team (and coaches)!

  58. I think the chances are slim that the Steelers will move on from Tomlin and Colbert. However, if they did, I could see Tepper snatching up both of them in Carolina given their past history.

  59. For everyone throwing Tomlin’s name into the ring, he was given a three-year extension at the beginning of this season. He is under contract through the 2024 season. He is not going anywhere any time soon.

  60. Judge was already given a vote of confidence by the Owner.
    Why is Saleh on this list? He doubled the wins from last year and lost a ridiculous amount of top flight starters (at least for the Jets) to season-ending injuries. Best Pass Rusher never played as snap and best O-Lineman played less than 1 game. Come back in 2 years and if they are 6-9 or worse; Douglas & Saleh are both gone.

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