Aaron Rodgers continues his surge in MVP odds

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The woke mob has fallen asleep at the switch.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whose post-COVID diatribe included a prediction that the media won’t give him MVP votes, continues to surge in the MVP odds.

Currently, PointsBet has Rodgers at -225 to win the NFL’s MVP award for the fourth time in his career. He’s now the clear favorite over the likes of Colts running back Jonathan Taylor (+650) and Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (+800).

If the Packers hold the No. 1 seed in the NFC, Rodgers likely will win it. The voting could become interesting however,  if/when the Chiefs secure the top seed in the AFC. Although quarterback Patrick Mahomes hasn’t had an overwhelming statistical performance this year, his name recognition and leadership of a team that has gotten better and better after a rough stretch in the early part of the season could make a difference.

Besides, Mahomes has 4,310 passing yards. Rodgers (who missed a game due to COVID) has 3,689. That said, Mahomes has 33 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions. Rodgers has 33 touchdown passes — and only four interceptions.

If both teams get the top seed in their respective conferences, Rodgers deserves it more than Mahomes. The betting odds prove it. And at this point not even the woke mob can keep it from happening.

35 responses to “Aaron Rodgers continues his surge in MVP odds

  1. Aaron is the MVP/4 times. Not breaking news.

    Aaron and the Packers have bigger goals this season. Aaron has never mentioned MVP once this season. Never has brought it up.

    Focus is on getting that 14th World Championship. The banner will hang in the Don Hutson Center with the other 13 that are hanging now.




  2. Cooper Kupp is putting together a season for the ages. Triple crown. If Rodgers or Mahomes wins it this year, they should just get it every year because this year is no different than their prior years.

    If the Packers miss the playoffs due to the one game that Rodgers let his team down by being unvaxxed, he most definitely should not win the Most Valuable Player. An MVP would have gotten the shot for the good of his team. In fact, the vax should be a pre-req. to winning an MVP. It’s inherent in being valuable to your team.

  3. I always felt that Peyton Manning twice earned MVPs (2008 and 2009 season) that he didn’t deserve, but basically won because he was beloved by the media at the time, and he just seemed like the ‘safe’, sure candidate to proclaim best player in the league. Even though I’m a huge Packers fan, I’m not quite sure Aaron is playing at the dominant, MVP level he was last year. For a #1 seed that is seemingly an offensive juggernaut, the Packers are embarrassingly average at scoring points (ranked 13th), and these extremely nail-biting close wins are being won because of our defensive making a clutch play, NOT necessarily Rodgers making a clutch 3rd down to ice the game. Will be interesting to see if he gets the same benefit of the doubt that Manning used to get.

  4. There is no doubt that Rodgers is the MVP for the Packers. However if you take the last two games that Green Bay bearly won over two injury and covid riddled teams, and make them losses, is Rodgers then considered league MVP?

  5. Brady didn’t “really” earn any MVP awards. He cheats. Surprised you didn’t know. It was all over the news.

  6. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    December 28, 2021 at 12:49 pm
    Rodgers escaped Tyler Huntley and Baker Mayfield the last 2 games. Brady is the MVP.


    You mean the same Brady that lost to <>

    Taysom Hill (in a shutout)
    Taylor Heinecke
    Trevor Siemian
    Matt Stafford

    and escaped

    A Rookie QB
    The eagles
    The texans
    The colts

    That Tom Brady?

    lol. Washed up.

  7. heLLpaso says:
    December 28, 2021 at 12:39 pm
    And he’ll lose at home again and everyone will still act like he’s the greatest of all time.
    He can’t do it alone. Every team needs other contributors.

    Brady had Pete Carroll and Kyle Shanahan for 2 of his.

  8. While I’d love to see Rodgers win it, I have no problem with either Taylor or Kupp taking home the honor.

  9. While I wouldn’t expect him to win it and statistically he may not be deserving, if there’s a more valuable person to a team this season than Joe Burrow I’m not sure who it is. All my life as a Bengals fan I just sit around waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is the first year I think “it’s ok, give burrow a chance and he’ll make it interesting.”

  10. Its the media man, its all hype Aaron is playing nowhere near what he was playing like last year. Last year total MVP without a doubt, no qiestion. But I get it it makes for good TV and the NFL wants that Brady vs Rodgers match up. He wins MVP, but it wont’ matter if the Packers cannot win the NFCCG – its not the hardware Packers fans want. Its now or never for Aaron to get to the Super Bowl and with all the parity in the NFC it wouldn’t suprise me if the Packers do not get there.

  11. I continue to hope the Packer brass has given up on its idea of running Aaron out of Green Bay. That would be the dumbest move since the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees for a box lunch and a can of soda.

  12. Cooper Kupp is putting together a season for the ages.

    Rice was a WR Triple Crown winner.. didn’t win MVP

    Same for Sterling Sharpe.

    In this pass happy era, I think it would be a shame if Kupp won it while those two did not.

  13. 7 MVP’s in 27 years. That’s a ~26% win rate.

    Perhaps MVP stands for Most Valuable Packer.

  14. Kupp is good but the Rams would still be a playoff contender without him or if you replaces him with about a dozen other WRs in the league. There isn’t anyone that could put the Packers in the position they are in. The reward is unfair because of the position but that doesn’t take away the brilliance of his play nor does his “Big Lie”.

  15. I’m trying to remember our Capt Kirk’s terrific record in playoff games. Help me out . . .

  16. Missin’ Again Crosby says:
    December 28, 2021 at 1:49 pm

    1-4… enough said.

    Cousins record against Rodgers?


    So skew the fact Rodgers is 1-4 in NFCCGs wth a comparison to Cousins, yeh that makes sense to win an argurment. But thats what you Packers fans do. Yes we all know Cousins has lost to Rodgers more than he’s won. However in the past two meetings Cousins has won and one of those was a Lambeau last year, when Packers fans said Aaron coudln’t throw the ball because it was too windy, but yet talk about Packer weather. With COVID running rampid thru out the league all those Green dreams could come crashing down real quick…….if he gets bit….. well we all know how that will play out right?

  17. Love fans holding out the fact that a team/player loses in the playoffs as some sort of disgrace – while their team/player doesn’t even MAKE the playoffs.

    To lose in the NFCCG – you have to get there, something your guy can’t even do…

  18. Brady wins Super Bowl last year. Wins the division this year. Tampa hadn’t won either in 15 years. Seems Brady is pretty valuable !!!!

  19. Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL. Not sure he’s the best player in the NFL, but QBs unfairly get all the hype. I’d prefer to see a non-QB get the award once in a while, but who can really argue if Rodgers gets it? The Pack wouldn’t even be an alsoran without him — LaFleur and Gutekunst owe 90% of their success to Rodgers and Rodgers alone, and he’s shoved that in their ignorant craws all year.

  20. LaFleur and Gutekunst owe 90% of their success to Rodgers and Rodgers alone
    The same Rodgers “and Rodgers alone” who went 10-12-1 in the two years prior to LaFleur?
    Not sure that adds up.

  21. LaFleur and Gutekunst owe 90% of their success to Rodgers and Rodgers alone

    In this offensive scheme, this is arguably the best Rodgers has played in his career.

    LaFleur can stand on his own merit.

    To say nothing of his W-L record.

  22. Ok so with the basis being a QB is going to win I think Mahomes should be the clear favorite now. There are so many reasons he is better than Rogers now. I know you can look at INT’s and you just look at how many INT’s were in and out of recievers hands (8) he would have around the same number of INT’s as Rogers with a lot more yards. Rogers also missed the game vs. the Chiefs because of his dishonesty with everyone and lost the game. He is barley squeaking out wins while Mahomes is just destroying teams. Its not how you start but how you finish. Mahomes is a clear favorite, especially showing he could do it without Kelce and Hill( was in but limited) Just watching them you can see its not close anymore.

  23. Part of being an MVP is that your respected in his case he’s become public enemy # 1 he has surpassed even LBJ as the most hated arrogant athlete by fans something the NFL hide from us he came in 7th place at QB in pro bowl voting by the fans HE’S ANTI-SCIENCE ANTI-VACCINE LIES has alienated the majority of Americans heck even state farm won’t run his stupid commercials they got the message.

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