Colts place Carson Wentz on COVID-19 list

NFL: DEC 25 Colts at Cardinals
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With the Colts recent cluster of positive COVID-19 tests, keeping quarterback Carson Wentz off of COVID reserve became a high priority.

Unfortunately for Indianapolis, that didn’t happen.

The Colts announced on Tuesday that Wentz, who is unvaccinated, has been placed on the COVID-19 list. If Wentz tested positive, under the league’s current protocols, he is out for 10 days. That means he’ll miss the Week 17 contest against the Raiders but has a chance to play in the season finale against the Jaguars — though he would have little practice time for that contest.

But if Wentz is a close contact, he is out for only five days if he continues to produce negative tests.

Wentz has completed 63 percent of his passes for 3,230 yards with 25 touchdowns and six interceptions this season.

Rookie Sam Ehlinger is Indianapolis’ backup and presumably would start against Las Vegas if Wentz is out.

The Colts now have 13 players on their COVID-19 list, including seven starters. Linebacker Darius Leonard, one of the team’s most important defensive players, is out for Sunday’s game against the Raiders after testing positive late last week because he is unvaccinated.

32 responses to “Colts place Carson Wentz on COVID-19 list

  1. All of these so-called leaders who’re unvaccinated has become a complete joke! In the ultimate team sport where you’re counted on to lead the team, if you can’t figure out that taking an inoculation to protect the team, your family, the community and your team’s opportunity, you’re not a leader!

  2. If he was vaccinated, he could have been back in time for the game Sunday, with 2 negatives. Nope. 10 days.

  3. “after testing positive late last week because he is unvaccinated”

    Please be more careful when choosing your words. Just because you are vaccinated does not mean you can’t test positive, as I am fully vaccinated with a booster and stuck in my house sick right now.

  4. @mancave2020 ….. Wentz is playing well!?!? So we just completely omit bad games now to fit a narrative? He was horrible vs. the Patriots who should of picked him off AT LEAST 3 times.

  5. Way to go Carson, the ultimate selfish move on your part potentially costs your team a shot at the playoffs

  6. Does he forfeit a game check if unvaccinated? Can you imagine missing the playoffs hurting the entire team because you are selfish.

  7. Remember when player like Ronny Lott would do anything to win, including cutting off part of his finger to stay in a game? Now these snowflakes won’t even get a simple vaccine to protect their eligibility and costing their teams costly games with playoff implications. Baffling.

  8. Why is it that when a vaccinated player gets Covid it’s crickets, BUT when a unvaccinated person catches Covid a lot of you & the media drag the unvaccinated player? Riddle me that.

  9. fullpop says:
    December 28, 2021 at 1:44 pm
    it was just a matter of time before this happened to the least vaccinated team


    Indiana, dude. What’s baffling to me is how you can catch something that you don’t believe in. Crazy!

  10. Why is everyone saying he is being selfish ? The entire Rams team is vaccinated and we lost 25 players ? What’s the difference?

  11. My team my choice. I will continue to root for Carson Wentz.

    I didn’t hear anyone complaining about Darius Leonard vaccinated and Covid positive.

    I guess it easier to bang on Wentz instead of being called an “ist” by banging on Darius.

    I will root for both for being my team and free thinking.

  12. I didn’t see a single article ripping on Leonard for being unvaccinated. Funny how that works…

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