Eagles keeping quarterbacks separated for meetings as COVID precaution

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles placed three active roster players on the COVID-19 reserve list on Monday and head coach Nick Sirianni told reporters during his press conference that the team is taking extra steps to try to make sure they don’t get wiped out at quarterback by continued positive tests this week.

Sirianni, who missed time last week after his own positive test, said that the team will do “some different things that weren’t mandated a couple weeks ago” once players are back in the building on Wednesday to prepare for the Week 17 game against the Washington Football Team. One of the things that they will be doing is having quarterbacks Jalen Hurts, Gardner Minshew, and Reid Sinnett stay in different rooms during meetings in order to limit their exposure to one another.

“I talked to a couple other head coaches and tried to figure out what they’re doing because we all know — to win this game this week, we’re going to need all hands-on deck,” Sirianni said. “And so, what is the best course of action? And, obviously, we’re talking to our doctors and our trainers to figure out the best course of attack. And we’re going to make some adjustments. I’m not there 100 percent yet because I don’t have to be quite yet with the players not being back yet, but we’re going to definitely make even more adjustments than what we need to just to keep everybody safe. And the quarterbacks, yes, the quarterbacks will be in separate rooms. We’re going to be even more safe with them being in separate rooms.”

After seeing quarterbacks like Nick Mullens, Garrett Gilbert, Josh Johnson, and Ian Book start games for teams in the playoff race in the last couple of weeks, it would be a surprise if other teams don’t follow a similar plan to the one the Eagles are taking over what’s left of the 2021 season.

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