Ian Book: I’ve got a lot to get better at, first start was bad

Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints
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Saints fourth-string quarterback Ian Book was thrust into the starting lineup on Monday night, and the results were not good, with just 135 passing yards, two interceptions and eight sacks in a 20-3 loss. Book acknowledged that he has a lot to learn.

“I’ve got a lot to get better at,” Book said. “It’s bad. We didn’t score a touchdown. You can’t win a game that way.”

Book threw a pick-six on the Saints’ first possession, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

“That’s a terrible feeling, throwing a pick-six in your debut. I’ve thrown one pick-six in my life, so that sucks,” Book said.

Book was only playing because starting quarterback Jameis Winston is out for the season with a torn ACL, and fellow quarterbacks Trevor Seimian and Taysom Hill are out with COVID-19. Saints coach Sean Payton said it’s impossible to evaluate Book based on that ugly game, but Book seemed ready to evaluate his own performance, and admit he came up short.

20 responses to “Ian Book: I’ve got a lot to get better at, first start was bad

  1. With no protection from the offensive line, lucky there weren’t more sacks. Keep your head up Ian, you will make it!!

  2. The biggest thing i got out of it is he thinks he’s a lot better athlete than he actually is.

    He kept on trying to extend plays by thinking he could outrun everyone and getting tackled near the sideline and the few times he made it to the sideline he ran out of bounds instead of throwing it away.

    Other than that, there wasn’t much he could do behind that offensive line.

    That 4th down play call by Payton in the 4th qtr was horrible and didn’t stand a chance.

  3. I think it would be worthwhile for NFL Films to put together a tape of every HOF QB’s first game. Book’s first game would fit right in. But when you consider the circumstances of Book’s first start, there isn’t much history to compare it to.

  4. It might have helped the kid if the OL would have showed up for the game!That was an awful performance by the OL.Kid never had a chance.Kamara showed his true character as well.All is well when winning and you get big numbers but when the struggle begins he folded.
    Do you ever wonder how “great” coaches really are when they have to actually coach?Payton did not help Book at all.Just hung him out there to fail.Supposed to be one of the greatest offensive coaches in the game……not last night.Or really since Brees was no longer in his prime.Might be time for Payton to move on.Not enough pieces there anymore unless they go get another starting QB.
    Not a Saints fan,but have you ever seen a team get screwed by the refs more than NO?Every week they get an absolute terrible/blown call(or 3) by the refs.Over the course of a season calls typically balance out,but not for the Saints.The NFL owes them a couple of seasons.LOL

  5. Really expected Payton to get creative and use everything in the playbook to win this game . Instead we saw a limited game plan that gave Book and the Saints zero chance to win the game . For a guy who thinks he’s the smartest coach in the NFL this game proves he just might be wrong. Thinking Payton should give his old buddy Dan Campbell a call to get advice on how to run a talent deficient offense with enough creativity and aggressiveness to allow your team to hang around and possibly steal a victory from a more talented team .

  6. Does *any* QB have a chance when the rush reaches his drop at the same time he does?

  7. I watched a fair amount of ND games he played and his athleticism got him out of a lot of jams at that level. He’s an easy guy to pull for but clearly overmatched athletically at the NFL level. He might look marginally better playing with their #1s across the board but I don’t see a long-term starter in him.

  8. The pick 6 was a tipped pass by the dline, not saying he looked good, just saying that sometimes the stats don’t tell the whole story.

  9. Another over hyped ND QB . The score was no indication of how lop sided the game was. Covid decimated O line but Book looked elfish out there.

  10. No quarterback could’ve succeeded behind that patchwork line. He should get another chance behind a healthy offense of line, and team.

  11. No quarterback could’ve succeeded behind that patchwork line. He should get another chance behind a healthy offense of line, and team.
    Time to plan for next season.

  12. I like watching good defense but hate krap quarterback play. It’s not a good product. There are 32 of those jobs in the world and maybe only 20 are adequate at it. A very selected group. The second and third stringers usually give a snooze fest.

  13. Book had a tough go of it but the tape looks worse for the turnstile they had playing right guard.

  14. I wonder why the media in general always criticizes Tua? He has never known anything but a “patchwork Oline” with the highest ranking being 30th! Yet Tua (10-7) has a better record than Herbert (12-13) and Herbert went to the #8 Offense. Ian Book had an uphill battle, but most of the blame goes on Saints Coaches for not implementing a better game plan around the situation. Tua can throw a long ball, in fact he was the leader in the NCAA for a while, but he has had to adapt to quick strike throws to avoid getting killed behind a porous OLine. Stop making excuses. Sean Peyton is no genius.

  15. I think (or hope) he learned a lot of valuable lessons on his first start.
    You cannot hold the ball that long. He was expecting miracles from his O-line all night. He is fast, but NFL linebackers are faster. The speed of the game in the NFL is way faster than the game in college. Yes, he had a horrible night, but not every QB’s first game is good. Look at Manning’s or Brady, or Mahomes first starts.
    His first pick six was tipped, but it would of been right to a defender anyway had it not been tipped. The tip actually sent it closer to where he should of been throwing the ball to. But, he is still a way better QB than I am, so he has my respect.

  16. Lots of comments about Payton’s play calling but I’d like to know exactly what would have worked with so many O-linemen out, top 2 TEs out, 3 of 4 WRs out, and a 4th string QB. Easy to say run Kamara outside, but look who’s blocking on the edge.

  17. Manning and Brady wouldn’t make it when your offensive line consists of a pizza delivery guy, an auto mechanic, et al. Not to mention a big first round bust at guard…..

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