Jerry Jones: “No one lived a more beautiful football life than John Madden”

The Oakland Raiders played the Miami Dolphins September 23, 1973 at University  of California at Berkeley's Memorial Stadium;The Raiders won 12-7;;John Madden on the sidelines
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The tributes and statements will be pouring in regarding the late John Madden, a figure who towered over the game of football for more than 50 years. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has been one of the most dominant figures in football since buying the team in 1989, has issued a statement praising the football life that John Madden lived.

“This is a loss that is as big as the legacy that John Madden created,” Jones said. “A legacy of love. Love for family, for football and for life.

“I am not aware of anyone who has made a more meaningful impact on the National Football League than John Madden, and I know of no one who loved the game more.

“When I think of a person of sports who is worthy of the term, ‘larger than life,’ I have always thought of John. And I always will.

“If you knew John, he made your life better. For me he was a trusted confidant, advisor, a teacher and above all, a very dear friend. When he walked into the room, it was a better day. When he talked, you listened, and you learned. When he laughed, everyone in the room laughed. And when he got back on the bus to leave, you always wanted more. You were always looking forward to his next visit.

“Our hearts go out to Virginia and Joe and Mike and the grandchildren. He is survived by a wonderful family and literally millions of loved ones.

“A life in football is a gift and a blessing. John lived all of his days with dignity, kindness, and a sense of personal caring for everything and everyone.

“There is no one who lived a more beautiful football life than John Madden.”

John Madden always brought people together through his love of football. His passing will have the same effect. He was football. He is football. He always will be football, and there will never be another one like him.