Kyle Shanahan: Trey Lance’s last month of practice has been his best

San Francisco 49ers v Tennessee Titans
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Monday brought word that 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is dealing with a chipped bone and torn ligament in his right thumb and the injury kept him out of practice as the team returned from a mini-bye following last Thursday’s loss to the Titans.

It also creates some doubt about whether he’ll be able to play when the 49ers face off with the Texans this Sunday. The 49ers would turn to first-round pick Trey Lance if Garoppolo is not able to go and he has not been on the field since playing five snaps in a Week 11 win over the Jaguars.

While Lance hasn’t seen any game action, he has seen reps in practice and head coach Kyle Shanahan gave his work in those sessions a strong review when speaking to reporters on Monday.

“I think this last month with Trey has been his best consecutive four weeks of practice since we’ve had him,” Shanahan said, via “He’s had a number of good days, and he’s had some bad days like most guys do. But as far as his consistency and stuff, I feel this last month has been his best.”

Most of Lance’s work hasn’t come with the first team and there’s obviously a difference between practice and game action, so it’s hard to know how that work would translate to seeing the field on Sunday. The coming days should provide more insight into whether we’re going to find out.

22 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: Trey Lance’s last month of practice has been his best

  1. What is Shanahan supposed to say?I wish I would have had enough courage to stick with the plan and draft Jones?I gave in to all the pressure from the outside and drafted Lance because the “experts”were saying he was a better prospect?
    Jimmy G is at best an average QB and Shanahan is a “genius”yet Lance could not beat him out.The other 1st round QBs have all struggled.They are rookies after all but Jones has the Patriots on the cusp of the playoffs.The 49ers probably have more talent than the Patriots but do not trust their 1st round QB to play.What does that say about Lance?Or Shanahan?Or both?
    Shanahan is over rated.One winning season.McDaniels looks like he might be a better head coach with the progress Jones has made.Hell he took the Broncos to the playoffs with Tebow!

  2. All the other 1st round QB’s have gotten significant playing time this season and therefore can potentially make the big 2nd year jump. Lance is going to get what, two games under his belt? He’ll basically be a rookie next year.

    This pick, and the draft capital they gave up to get him, is going to haunt the Niners for the next 5 years.

  3. Mac Jones is over rated also. I wouldn’t be so hard on Lance yet. Give him time to learn and play

  4. Trey hasn’t appeared in a game since early October. There’s a reason for that. YDS: 354, TD: 3, INT: 1 ,QBR: 36.7.

    Yep, he’s “ready” Shanny!

  5. “… he took the Broncos to the playoffs with Tebow!”

    John Fox took Tim Tebow to the playoffs. McDaniels never won anything and was laughed out of town.

  6. That 2023 first round pick Miami has from SF is another lottery ticket.

    They only have 17 players signed to the roster for next season and only have $28M in cap space, 12 fewer than any other team. What’s going to happen after Bosa asks and rightfully so) to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL next year? And they have no first round pick this year either.

    Garoppolo can’t be retained under any circumstance.

    This ship is one year away from completely sinking.

    Is Lance going to save everyone’s jobs?

  7. He looked so good in practice that Shanahan played an injured Jimmy G in the 2bd half instead of Lance.
    Matt Nagy has a better record than Shanahan.

  8. First came the lofty Scout Team Player of the Week award, which I (and apparently Google) have never previously heard make the news in all my years following the Niners. Then Lynch tried to blame Lance’s accuracy issues on the broken finger, which happened in the last exhibition game, well after Lance exhibited an inability to throw the ball like an NFL QB (these guys really like to lie about things that are easily disprovable, like their claim they tried to trade for Rodgers the day of the draft instead of the night before). You know that weasel front office is going to try to spin everything Lance to avoid any accountability for the pick, and with their apologist fan base it may actually work.

  9. Fred Warner said that Lance has been “dicing them up in practice” so he’s getting some work with the starters. I trust Warner’s take over Shanahan. We’ll see if the kid is ready.

  10. aaronwest says:
    Fred Warner said that Lance has been “dicing them up in practice” so he’s getting some work with the starters. I trust Warner’s take over Shanahan. We’ll see if the kid is ready.

    Warner may well be telling the truth, but how much stock can you put in any quarterback’s practice performance while he’s wearing a red jersey and no one can touch him? In this day and age you can’t practice game conditions, and the differnce is considerable.

  11. I was a big supporter of Jimmy G, but after Thursday Night I had to jump off that bandwagon. I can understand one bad throw, but FOUR passes that had a significant impact on the outcome of the came was a bit much. Like Michael Corleone told Moe Green hey I wont question why you got those results …”maybe you’re unlucky, perhaps [Trey Lance] can do better.”

    As far a Mac Jones. Everybody knew that he would be plug n play. I personally dont know much about Trey Lance other than highlights of his college days, but if the coaches and scouts see great attributes in him then he was the right pick. Not all Hall of Fame QBs cone fresh out the box and plug n play…..With most QB prospects assembly is required. Coach him up. Find what he does well snd build a system of offense around that skill set. Like Baker Mayfield. He’s a top notch QB prospect but hes being asked to fit into a system instead of the system being built around him.

  12. I’m not going to pretend to know what kind of career Lance is going to have, but I don’t remember anyone claiming Mahomes was a bust because he didn’t start as a rookie.

  13. I’m one of the few, if not the only one that believes Zach Wilson is the best Rookie QB this year. He doesn’t have the support and stability of the “Patriot Way” like Mac Jones, who isn’t allowed to throw the ball 20 yards or more down the field, seems like. Zach has an arm and can run. However, I’m a die heart 49ers fan, therefore Trey Lance is my guy. Trey will shock the world this weekend …

  14. I was always in the camp of Letting Trey play from day 1. When you give up that type of draft capital you should be willing to move have the conviction to move on and accept what comes with starting A rookie qb. It also comes with the benefit of being able to take advantage of rookie qb deal and add talent elsewhere like the secondary which is just terrible. Lynch and Shanahan have mishandled this situation. Will Trey save them? We find out starting Sunday.

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