Mike Tomlin has “no reservations” about Matt Canada’s playcalling

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Among the many people who have come under fire for the Steelers’ inability to score points in the first halves of recent games is offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

The Steelers haven’t scored a touchdown in the first half of their last five games and Canada’s playcalling has been blamed by some for the slow starts. On Tuesday, head coach Mike Tomlin was asked at his press conference whether he has any issues with the job Canada is doing on that front.

Tomlin said he didn’t before adding that the job is still a new one for Canada despite his experience running offenses at the collegiate level.

“I have no reservations about the playcalling component of his job and what he’s done,” Tomlin said. “But I will also acknowledge there’s probably a learning curve at every job that pertains to the National Football League.”

As rough as the offense has looked recently, the Steelers have not lost a home game since Week Three and they’ll be at Heinz Field for what looks like Ben Roethlisberger‘s final home game. Perhaps that can help shake loose the points they’ll need to have a chance of extending their season beyond Week 18.

13 responses to “Mike Tomlin has “no reservations” about Matt Canada’s playcalling

  1. Chances are they keep Canada through next season. I hope his learning curve starts trending up by then. I also hope the Steelers have an actual offensive line by then too. Nothing helps a learning curve more than players that can do their job.

  2. our CONSISTENT targeting of receivers way SHORT of the first down both in execution and concept is inexcusable (that and throwing 40yds downfield on 3rd and 1 or 2). with an o-line this bad, it’s hard to evaluate the rest of his play calling since so much of what we see depends on the blocking up front.

  3. Tomlin never touched Jones…..fact seen with my own eyes. And what does Jones have to do with the subject……nothing but trolling….and childish attention seeking.

  4. Maybe it has something to do with the 4 rookies on the line. If you cant run well, You have to throw the ball downfield to score Tomlin and not 1-2 yard passes all game.

  5. I kinda have more of an issue with Ben. He’s been my quarterback for 18 years but he has his flaws. BEN decides to throw deep on third and short. It is literally his personal philosophy to do the opposite of what the defender expects on third. Ben likes the one-on-one advantage deep and outside in third and short. I personally think it’s stupid but he has ALWAYS done that.

    Ben also doesn’t check out of plays to spite his offensive coordinator. He won’t check out of plays often tho u can tell he doesn’t have faith in certain situational calls. That’s just a theory but Ben often says he runs the plays given. That was the case under the last 3 offensive coordinators.

  6. It is always the play calling but never the bad players playing poorly. Best time ever to be a player. In today’s game the coach was always wrong.

  7. What possible advantage would there be to say that he has a problem with play calling? There is no advantage to it.

  8. Coach Trippy not seeing Canada as part of the problem is a problem. Captain Catch Phrase has run his rah rah course in Pittsburgh. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so arrogant and said “never” to the USC job. Coach Trippy waves bye to the camera after a win vs. Tenn and his WR’s all take turns getting P.I.’s and celebrating. The culture in Pittsburgh stinks and until there is a proper house cleaning the names will change but the short comings of this team will remain the same.

  9. If he didn’t try to trip Jacoby Jones on purpose then why did the NFL fine him a record amount??? He received the highest fine in NFL history (to that point) by any coach.

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