NFL hasn’t responded to Jon Gruden’s lawsuit, yet

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The NFL has yet to file a response to Jon Gruden’s lawsuit alleging that the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell specifically targeted Gruden for termination, via the selective leak of emails from the Washington Football Team investigation.

It’s unclear why paperwork has yet to land in court in response to Gruden’s civil complaint, filed on November 11. The NFL has declined comment on the matter, via email to PFT.

There are three possibilities. One, the NFL has secured an extension of the deadline to file a response. Two, the case has settled. Three, the NFL has ignored the complaint and slipped into default.

The most likely explanation is the first one. The least likely, by far, is the third one. It’s possible that the case has quietly resolved.

Chances are a response will be coming, sooner than later. The response could be an answer to the complaint, replete with denials of the allegations. It also could be a motion to dismiss the case, perhaps based on the argument that Gruden must pursue his claim through arbitration.

The fact that it has taken this long for the battle to be joined by the NFL underscores that these things take time. Barring a settlement, it could be months before the litigation ends. Through it all, the case will present compelling and rare questions that may or may not play out in the public eye.

Indeed, it’s unprecedented that a coach has claimed that the league and its Commissioner have specifically targeted a coach for termination, and that supposedly secret emails were leaked to achieve that goal.

11 responses to “NFL hasn’t responded to Jon Gruden’s lawsuit, yet

  1. The NFL literally is a club of 32 billionaires and they know they have unlimited resources to hire 20 top line legal offices across the board if they want. They also know they legally do not have to respond yet and they will wait until the last second to do so. They will make sure this drags on for years and years if necessary, playing a well paid mulligan every step of the way so that Chucky also has to bury himself in paperwork and legal fees. Or they could up and settle tomorrow. You never really know what goes in in Roger’s 50 million a year world.

  2. The NFL quickly settled with St Louis for roughly $700 million to protect a few owner’s pocket books from becoming known. Guessing the dirt from the WFT team emails and any other thing that could be put into public eyes should cost the owners about a billion to Gruden to keep all that info secret.

  3. I wonder who else has dirt on them from those emails; other coaches, other owners, TV announcers, reporters, etc. I doubt Gruden even cares about the money, this is about settling the score, and if he’s going down, others will go down with him. The NFL shot themselves in the foot with this one.

  4. I hope Gruden forces it to court and requires the NFL to testify to what actually has been happening in Washington.

  5. So did they find anything else in the WFT investigation or was Gruden the only one they outed? I get the League is going to protect Snyder as a means of protecting themselves, but they went back 10 years to get Gruden, surely they could find another sacrificial lamb so it doesnt look as bad. Heres an idea. How about look into the actual complaints against employees (past/present) of the WFT.

  6. It is the first option.
    I’ve been a litigator for over 20 years.

    Nothing gets done the last two weeks in December and even the first two are typically light.
    There is a focus on getting some year-end close outs completed (year end client reports etc) but you don’t see to much substantive stuff done.

    Courts barely are in session during those weeks.

  7. It’ll probably come down to one of those phony, disingenuous settlements. You know the ones where the guilty party settles with a stipulation that they did nothing wrong, but promise never to do it again. Further, they’ll pay $50M just to make it all go away and to show what nice guys they are for not dragging this through the courts.

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