Aggravation of toe injury knocks Aaron Rodgers out of practice on Wednesday

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
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The fractured pinkie toe on the foot of Aaron Rodgers was feeling good. Until it wasn’t.

A teammate stepped on the quarterback’s foot during Saturday’s win over the Browns. As a result, Rodgers once again didn’t practice on the Wednesday in advance of a Sunday game.

It’s no surprise, based on Rodgers’s post-game comments. He said that the toe had been feeling better than it had in weeks, and that he hoped the accidental step wouldn’t result in a “major setback” for Rodgers.

Despite his limited practice time, the injury has not affected him in any way, but for a couple of early exits before halftime of a pair of games to get a painkilling injection. Rodgers said that, before Saturday’s game, he didn’t even need a shot.

Again, it hasn’t slowed him down. He’s the favorite to win the MVP award. If it someone is limiting him, it’s hard to imagine how much better he would be than he has been this season.

9 responses to “Aggravation of toe injury knocks Aaron Rodgers out of practice on Wednesday

  1. Rodgers’ stats are middling so not sure why he’s the favorite to win.

    Brady, Herbert, Carr, Stafford, Mahomes, Joe Burrows, Josh Allen & 2 others have thrown for more yards.

    Burrows, Stafford & Kyler Murray have thrown for more yards per attempt.

    Brady, Stafford & Allen have more TDs

    On almost every stat, other QBs are better than Rodgers this year.

  2. Yeah, but does he know what’s in the toe shot? Has he thoroughly researched all the ingredients and his possible allergic reaction to any of them? Has he consulted with noted physician, Dr. Joe Rogan? What about long-term side effects? Fertility problems? Don’t want anything to happen to ‘Little Aaron’. Shailrne would be really upset.

    I’m really worried.

  3. It’s too bad that all players aren’t tough enough to play through this sort of thing. But there is a price to be paid for being the best, and Aaron is obviously willing to pay it.

  4. If this is what happens when a QB’s toe is injured, could someone please stomp on Cousins’ pinky toe?

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