Dan Quinn won’t interview for Jaguars job

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Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is interesting in becoming a head coach again. He’s not sufficiently interested in becoming a head coach to interview for the vacancy in Jacksonville.

Via Adam Schefter of ESPN.com, Quinn won’t interview for the Jaguars’ vacancy. The team requested permission to interview the former Falcons coach on Tuesday.

Some have pegged Quinn as a potential replacement for Vic Fangio, if the Broncos make a coaching change. Regardless, something about the Jacksonville job prompted Quinn to pass on the opportunity.

It could be the lingering presence of Trent Baalke, who has right place/right time’d his way into the G.M. job, a position he’ll reportedly keep in the new regime. That dynamic will potentially scare away candidates with options, especially if those candidates opt not to work with Baalke.

17 responses to “Dan Quinn won’t interview for Jaguars job

  1. Quinn made the right decision. Baalke is not a GM worth working with. He screwed up the 49ers, now the Jags

  2. I hope it’s because Jerry had a word with him about becoming the Cowboy’s HC very soon.

  3. Serious question. I thought Harbaugh screwed up SF as he wanted more power. SF already had Balke, who put together some nice teams for them?

  4. He’s smart. The Jags are a hot mess from the owner all the way down. Hiring Baalke is just indefensible. Why would anyone even be interested in that job?

    I’m sure the assistant coaches are all hoping they don’t get chosen to be the head coach. Talk about a career ending job….

  5. madmike6568 says:
    December 29, 2021 at 2:38 pm
    Until Trent Baalke is gone, the Jags are screwed!

    They’re screwed until Khan is gone, hiring Baalke showed his lack of ability to notice character or in this case lack thereof, he had to have known what Baalke did to the 49er’s and he still hired him! When he hired Baalke he hired a power hungry GM who will ruin a team over his lust for power, it’s going to be hard to find a good HC that’ll put up with that.

  6. It’s a toxic front office, and the owner has formed it in his own likeness. Most people surround themselves with people of their own ilk. Hey, it is what it is. Sometimes people have to learn things the hard way. Some people think because they’ve had success in a certain field, they’re automatically the smartest guy in the room, even if it’s a different business altogether. Don’t expect anyone with other options to show up in Jacksonville.

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