Doug Pederson set to interview with Jaguars Thursday

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The Jaguars are getting the ball rolling on their head coaching interviews with a Super Bowl champ.

According to multiple reports, the team will interview former Eagles head coach Doug Pederson on Thursday. Pederson went 42-37-1 over five seasons in Philadelphia and won Super Bowl LII, but was fired after the team went 4-11-1 in 2020.

Pederson is not currently working for any NFL team, but said over the summer that he is interested in coaching another team.

The Jaguars have identified a number of candidates beyond Pederson. Former Colts and Lions head coach Jim Caldwell, Buccaneers coordinators Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich, Cowboys coordinators Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn, and Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus are all on the team’s radar as they look for a successor to Urban Meyer.

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  1. Twitter is currently overrun with Jaguars fans protesting the retention of Baalke with clowns as profile pictures. It’s a thing of beauty. Please don’t let anyone ever say again that the Jags don’t have fans.

  2. Pederson could be provide both solid NFL coaching experience and stable leadership to the Jags. It will take a couple of years for the Jags to get the players in place and learn how to win, but Pederson would be a major upgrade compared to the Meyer regime.

  3. The biggest task for the new coach in Jacksonville is to properly develop Lawrence. Pederson and Kellen Moore are head and shoulders above the others listed for QB developing.

  4. Love what the Eagles accomplished with Doug but if I were him or any coach I would stay far away from the Jaguars. Their owner is one of the worst. They have had double digit losses in 9 of his 10 seasons as owner. Lawrence looks like Ryan Leaf and I am not sure it was all Urban. Plus…there would be better oportunities for Doug. The Vikings likely fire Zimmer. Would be interesting if he took the job for the team he defeated in the NFC title game and won a SB in their home stadium. Denver and Las Vegas likely have job openings that would be better for him. Let me also mention that it remains to be seen if Doug can continue to run the Reid system and have success. It worked in 2017 but didn’t following that and his refusal to hire a OC and allow someone else to call plays was his downfall. As we also have seen with Nagy, Childress, Shumur as head coaches….the Reid system doesn’t seem to have much success when it’s not Andy calling the plays.

  5. it will certainly be an offensive mind….peterson….leftwhich or moore to help with trevors progress

  6. Has anyone ever unpacked the reason(s) he was let go by the Eagles? If my team had them on their short list I’d be less than thrilled remembering how bad his last season was in Philly… but then I may not know the whole story, either.

  7. For all of his success with Philadelphia, Pederson minus Frank Reich is still a bit of an unknown asset. The Eagles looked like a potential long-term powerhouse before the coaching staff shake up, not so much after. Maybe it was simply bad chemistry between Wentz and Pederson , plus the qb’s injury. Other coaches with less history of success have found new life as retreads. A new team with a new young quarterback might just be a good fit.

  8. Trent Baalke got to go first. At least Meyer has a long winning record, Baalke has none. Khan is overtaking Johnson and Mara as the worst NFL owner.

  9. No head coach has ever won a super bowl with 2 teams. I don’t think dougie fresh is the guy to buck that trend…

  10. Byron Leftwich is the obvious hire but Pederson brings respectability after the Meyer disaster.

    The one thing about Doug was his offense never evolved so he would need a creative offensive mind at OC (ie. a Frank Reich type).

  11. I hope Doug takes another opening …the Bears or Vikings or Seahawks if that opens up.

  12. Kellen Moore has absolutely no experience on running a team. As a cowboy fan, take him. He’s all yours and that blunt play calling.

  13. Great choice if he wants it. Eagles NEVER should have fired him in the first place. Super Bowl Champions coaches don’t fall out of trees. Let’s hope the Jag’s can get it right this time.

  14. I think Doug gets the job. Why was he fired? I think he wanted to. Lurie and Roseman clearly screwed up the roster and micromanaged him. Granted, I do think the SB went to his head a bit, but most of the issues were out of his control. His franchise QB went down and was never the same. Injuries were rampant. So we’ll see.

  15. Look at that list of retread recycled NFL coaching candidates.

    I would say go after Harbaugh and Josh Gattis but no way would he work for Baalke again.

    The coaching field is pretty much barren right now. Jim Harbaugh would be my first choice if he could bring Josh Gattis with him. My 2nd choice would be Matt Eberflus who’s a demanding coach who could change the culture, he’s functional on both sides of the football, but I would only hire him if he could convince me that he could bring in a QB whisperer of Tom Moore’s caliber.

    I wouldn’t hire any retreads. Why these million dollar GM’s continue the insane course of hiring re-tread NFL coaches is beyond me.

  16. At least they are not wasting Eric B’s time.
    He never gets a job despite so many interviews and helping develop one of the best qbs.

  17. Who would want the Jaguars job? Yes there is a promising young QB but everything else from ownership to front office is not all that great.

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