Jimmy Garoppolo “confident” he can play with injured thumb

San Francisco 49ers v Tennessee Titans
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49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said on Wednesday that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has a chance to play despite an injured right thumb and Garoppolo sounded a bit surer of his status for the team’s matchup with the Texans.

Garoppolo spoke to reporters after Shanahan’s press conference and said that the injury happened in the second quarter of last Thursday’s loss to the Titans. He acknowledged that its painful and that the pain isn’t going to go away, but that his experience playing through it last week helps him feel like he will be able to do the same this weekend.

“I played the entire game with it, basically,” Garoppolo said, via 49ersWebzone.com. “So it’s really just about being able to grip the ball, do the things I normally do, and we’re going to go test those out today, see how it feels, and go from there. But yeah, I feel confident.”

Garoppolo’s practice participation will shed some more light on how likely he is to play this weekend, but it sounds like he’ll be surprised if he’s on the bench come Sunday.

10 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo “confident” he can play with injured thumb

  1. Int. Jimmy G is already good for two picks per game when his hand is fully healthy. Just imagine what he’s capable of with it injured!

  2. Ok, not so sure he plays with an uninjured thumb to the standard required but only the SF fans know if this is good, or bad news.

  3. If he played with it last week and that’s how he looked, he should definitely sit and let the thing heal.

  4. So if they play the injured guy over a healthy Lance then they must have zero trust in lance and they botched that trade and pick.

  5. Besides the back breaking mistakes he made that cost us that game it’s kinda impressive he was able to still complete like 75% of his passes with that injury.

  6. Jimmeh….
    Can’t throw deep.
    Can’t scare a Defense with a good hand either.

    Tell me again, why we’re expecting a lame duck QB to get us another Lombardi?
    Maybe Shanny can’t get Lance ready for prime time?
    Sure hope all that Draft capital was worth it.

  7. Why would you play a QB with an injured throwing hand when you have the the guy you mortgaged the franchise’s future over ready to step in?

  8. Please no he’s awful when healthy. It’s time to see what the kid can do. They should have stayed where they were and taken Mac Jones. He would have been efficient and he’s not the turnover machine that Jimmy G is.

  9. joenash72 says:
    Why would you play a QB with an injured throwing hand when you have the the guy you mortgaged the franchise’s future over ready to step in?

    You answered your own question. The kid is obviously not ready to step in.
    The 49ers still have a shot at the playoffs. Sticking with an injured, inconsistent and mistake-prone Jimmy Garappolo is evidence the 49ers brain trust (insert your own joke here) doesn’t have an abundance of confidence in Trey Lance.

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