Jonathan Gannon feels Eagles defense starting to hit its stride

NFL: DEC 26 Giants at Eagles
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After the Eagles fell to 2-5 on October 24, veteran defensive tackle Fletcher Cox aired some grievances with the defensive scheme installed by coordinator Jonathan Gannon.

It wasn’t the first time that Cox had spoken out and his dissatisfaction along with the team’s record suggested that the stage might be set for a long season in Philadelphia. As it turns out, the length of the season turned out to be a positive.

The Eagles are 6-2 since that loss and the defense has helped to drive that turnaround. They’ve allowed more than 300 yards three times in that run after allowing that many in six of the first seven games and rank in the top 12 in both points and yards allowed this season. Gannon shrugged off stats other than the team’s record when asked about those rankings on Tuesday, but he did acknowledge that he feels the team has found its groove.

“As you go along the season you figure out certain ways how you want to play and who you’re defending and what’s working and what’s not,” Gannon said. “I really think it’s a credit to the position coaches and the players that we’ve kept improving just a little bit each week. Sometimes it doesn’t show up and you might get gassed or lose a ballgame or not play as well as you want to play, but I feel like we’re starting to hit our stride a little bit. With saying that, it’s a week-to-week league, guys. You know that. The challenge is ahead of us for this upcoming week, and just because you think you’re playing well for the last couple weeks doesn’t mean that’s going to go onto the field and you just show up and that is what it is. So, we got to put the work forth ahead to give us a chance to win the game.”

The Eagles stifled Washington’s offense in a Week 15 win and they’ll see them again this Sunday. Washington has more pieces available than they did last time, but recent history favors the Eagles still finding a way to keep them from putting too many points on the scoreboard.

5 responses to “Jonathan Gannon feels Eagles defense starting to hit its stride

  1. The Eagles have something to play for and the WFT does not. Rivera has already gone on record saying the backup QB will probably get playing time this week.

    The game last week probably ended Heinicke’s fairytale run as a starting QB.

    If the Eagles lose this game it will be a big let down.

  2. The Eagles defense is still very much a question mark. It has built up its defensive rankings playing against woeful offensive teams with second and third string quarterbacks. Against good offenses and first string QBs their defensive was porous. Are they a good defense – we will find out when they start playing better teams.

  3. It took Gannon (and Sirianni) a little while to figure out how to use guys in real games, but they saw what worked and what didn’t. They then changed their schemes accordingly to suit the players on their roster. Not that either one of them is Belichick but that’s what Belichick does. That’s the markings of a good football coach. Not how well he speaks at a press conference, but how well they can scheme and how hard their players will fight for them. Both of these guys have shown both of those traits and abilities. Hopefully it’s not a short term Ben McAdoo or Chip Kelly fluke and they can continue to grow and coach well.

  4. Yeah they look a lot better now that they’re playing every bum quarterback known to mankind. I hope this guy gets a coaching job so we can hire a real defensive coordinator. Someone with gray in his hair.

  5. The QBs they’ve beaten are:

    Matt Ryan, Sam Darnold, Teddy Bridgewater, Garrett Gilbert, Mike Glennon, Zach Wilson, Trevor Siemian, and Jared Goff.

    Not exactly a Canton roll call. So let’s none of rush to draw comparisons with the 85 Bears, shall we?

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