Matt LaFleur becomes the favorite to win coach of the year


After putting together records of 13-3 and 13-3 in each of his first two years as an NFL head coach, Packers coach Matt LaFleur barely got any traction in the coach of the year conversation. This year, with a record of 12-3 and with two games to play, LaFleur has become the betting favorite to win the coach of the year award.

Via PointsBet, LaFleur has +125 odds to secure the honor, a rate of 1.25 to one. Next behind LaFleur is Colts coach Frank Reich, whose team has followed an 0-3 start with a 9-3 run. He’s at +350.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has fallen to +900 after a pair of losses, tying him with Bengals coach Zac Taylor. Titans coach Mike Vrabel sits at +1200, with Chiefs coach Andy Reid at +2000, and Dolphins coach Brian Flores and Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy at +2500 each.

Not long ago the favorite, three straight losses have caused Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury to +5000.

If the Packers finish with the top seed in the NFC, LaFleur has a great chance at winning the award. If the Packers stumble, things could get very interesting when it’s time to count the ballots.

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  1. Lafleur is a big improvement over McCarthy’s last few years with Rodgers. MLF has adapted his game plans as the Offensive Line and Receiving corps have been shredded by injuries. Also have to give a lot of credit to GM Brian Gutekunst. Signing people like Campbell and Douglas this year has been key.

  2. After the abysmal start to their season, and all the distractions regarding Watson, if the Dolphins make the postseason then Brian Flores deserves the honor

  3. Vrabel if they get #1 seed. Reich if not. Belichick otherwise. If Pats had run the table for #1 seed i could see it.

  4. Aaron Rodgers wp% before Matt Lafleur was 100-57 (64%.) After LaFleur, 38-8 (83%). Doesn’t mean he’s Coach of the Year worthy…

    …but he won’t be looking for a new job anytime soon.

  5. Aaron Rodgers record in the 2 previous seasons before Matt LaFleur’s arrival: 10-12-1.
    Aaron Rodgers record after Matt LaFleur’s arrival: 40-10.
    1 MVP Award, with a possible 2nd on the way.

    But yeah, sure, let’s not give this coach any credit for the overall success of this QB and team.

  6. As a packers fan I think he deserves to be at the top of the list but I think Sean Payton should win it. Saints are on their 12th string qb and they’re one game behind 500. Most teams would’ve folded long before now

  7. Yeah ignore the coach who has been in the superbowl the last two should be three years… coached his team back from going 3 and 4 to 11 and 4.

  8. jg2040 says:
    December 29, 2021 at 9:02 pm
    He will be an 8-9 coach the year after Aaron Rodgers retires

    Seeing as fans said the same about McCarthy when Favre was going to retire I am willing to wait…

    Especially after people screaming about how awful picks like Rashan Gary, AJ Dillon and Jordan Love… were 2 of the 3 have got quality playing time… and they clearly belong so why not let Love get a chance too… i am not saying he is going to be a HOFer but when the GM picks a guy up from a like Douglas practice squad and turns into a playmaker… he clearly has an eye for talent

  9. Finally getting some recognition. Everyone says “Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers” but forgets the Packers were a losing team with him between 2017-2018. While having Rodgers helps a ton, it’s not the only reason. Lafleur deserved SOME recognition after taking a 6-9-1 team to 13-3 and the NFCCG the following year. Never got the call.

  10. Considering everyone who’s been anointed the COY favorite has promptly gone on a losing streak, this is probably not great news for LaFleur or the Packers.

  11. Tired of coaches winning it with HOF QBs and stacked teams. I could coach the packers to the playoffs with Rodgers.

  12. What a joke. My dog could coach this years Packers squad to a #1-2 seed. LaFluer owes every penny/accolade he receives this year to Rodgers, and that’s inarguable.

  13. I think he looks bush league when he stands on the sidelines trying to get crowd noisy by raising his arms when their opponents have the ball. Is he a coach, or a cheerleader. Don’t know any other NFL coaches that do that.
    Cant wait to see how he coaches after Prince Aaron leaves.

  14. I know siriani won’t win this award, but after a 2-5 start philly has went 6-2 over the last 8 games and is sitting in the #7 slot as a playoff team. Not bad for a team projected to be sitting in the basement.

  15. For what? The Packers were favorited to be the first seed in their conference this off-season, meanwhile Andy Reid being a +2000 is a mockery.

  16. The only difference between Matt LaFleur and Matt Nagy is that one of them coaches Aaron Rodgers.

  17. If the Saints had squeaked into the playoffs I’d say Sean Payton, they’ve been brutalized at the QB position and have still managed to have some crazy games.

  18. The coach of the year should go to the coach who outperforms expectations. Green Bay, the Colts, even the Pats with Belicheck shouldn’t even be in the conversation.

    If Nick Sirianni leads the Eagles into the playoffs, HE should be coach of the year. They traded Wentz, finished 4-11-1 last year and was supposed to be in a rebuilding year. Sunday if they and the 49ers win and the Saints lose (even though they hold the tiebreaker over the Saints), they clinch a playoff spot. This after they started 2-5 and gave up 40+ points to the Cowboys and Chiefs in consecutive weeks.

    And before anyone says “who did they beat?” you can only beat the team that’s next on your schedule made out in May. Covid and injuries are out of anyone’s control.

  19. If Maimi makes the playoffs Flores is hands down the coach of the year. Runner ups would be Belichick or Reid. Not sure how it gets to LeFaluer when he has the MVP and plays in the weakest division in football.

  20. No love for Brian Flores at all? He went from “can he survive the week” at 1-7 to controlling his own destiny to make the playoffs… first team in NFL history to have both a 7 game losing and winning streak in the same season…heck the Dolphins probably killed the Ravens season when they exposed them with their defensive scheme. They haven’t been the same since.

  21. Sean Payton deserves it for going through ANOTHER cursed season and NFL harassment!!! Every single game!

  22. I’d go with Taylor. I think he has the least to work with of the top team, not to mention he had to turn an entire culture of Mediocrity around.

  23. further proof the vvoyers are clueless- having an MVP QB does NOT make you a great coach- dumb voters, same with the pro bowl and 90% of awards of any kind

  24. If the Dolphins make the playoffs (still a big if at the moment) then I think Flores deserves it.

  25. Obviously should be Vrabel with the league record injuries they’ve had. If you have the pre determined “mvp” at qb you, shouldn’t be considered for coach of the year.

  26. Eh….reigning NFL MVP as your QB, not a lot of FA losses, and a Charmin soft division. Not impressive enough to me. What Belichick, Flores, Vrable are doing is more deserving IMO.

  27. if ‘winning’ is what they call that referee home cooking farce against cleveland, the by all means give LeFleur the award..for most valuable pretender;

  28. Why should he win it? What issues did he have to deal with other than a Pinkie Toe and a fake vaccination under his watch?

  29. For coaching A-Aron??? I COULD DO THAT!

    You know who wins coach of the year? That guy who squeezed out two wins and a tie from the Detroit Lions.

  30. LaFleur was a terrific hire, but people need to understand that something happens to folks when they make the pilgrimage to Green Bay and get some of that Lombardi pixie dust sprinkled on them.

  31. MLF, Belichick, Payton, Vrabel all have a good case. Don’t know about Flores- really good coach but the award is for the whole season not the last 9 games only.

  32. It’s kind of crazy to not give the head coach credit. When teams are struggling, everybody throws the blame on the coach and wants him fired. If he deserves the blame, he certainly deserves the credit. When Lafleur got this job, all the talk was about how it would be a power struggle and a messy relationship with the QB. Rodgers is talented but also demanding and difficult. Lafleur has made it work better than anyone thought. Three straight years is no fluke.

  33. Gimme a break, he is a good coach, but there are at least 5 other coaches that deserve it more.

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