Matthew Stafford: Cam Akers “is anxious” to play after “miraculous” recovery


Rams running back Cam Akers has returned to the active roster, five months after tearing an Achilles tendon late in the offseason. It’s still not clear if or when he’l be suiting up for the Rams in 2021.

“He has done a nice job,” quarterback Matthew Stafford told reporters on Wednesday regarding Akers. “He has been working really hard, obviously. In my mind [it has been] a miraculous recovery. What he’s been able to do is pretty special.

“I know he is anxious to get out there. I have no idea when we’re going to get him back or if [we are]. [I am] just happy for him as a person and as a player that he’s feeling as good as he is feeling. Let the medical staff, coaches, G.M.s and all that kind of stuff, figure that out. But I know he’s happy to be out there with us. We’re happy to have him out there. As far as what I’m seeing from him, really only have we gone fast one time where he’s been out there. He’s doing his own stuff on the side and looking good and all that kind of stuff, but last week he got a little bit of run in there and he looked good to me. So just happy for him more than anything.”

The Rams activated him with three games remaining in the regular season, in order to ensure that he’ll get a year of credit toward his pension. Thus, it’s possible that the Rams don’t envision him playing at all, either in the regular season or the playoffs.

Regardless, he’s back and he’s clearly healthy enough to practice. If he plays at all over the final two weeks of the regular season or in the postseason, it’ll be a bonus for the Rams. It could be a huge bonus — the kind that helps make the difference between winning a Super Bowl and hoping it can happen next year.

3 responses to “Matthew Stafford: Cam Akers “is anxious” to play after “miraculous” recovery

  1. It’s all happening for the Rams, my babies. Look for Akers and OBJ to be big contributors to the Rams Super Bowl win over the Chiefs

  2. I don’t know that I’d risk it. He can be their bell cow for the next 2-4 years.. or he can reinjure that tendon, and lose his burst forever

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