Aaron Donald: Loss to Ravens in 2019 makes this week “a little payback game”

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams
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Back in 2019, the Ravens came to Los Angeles and blasted the Rams 45-6 on Monday Night Football.

With this season’s added  17th game, Baltimore and L.A. will meet again on Sunday — a couple of years before the full AFC North plays the NFC West. And one of the Rams’ star players wants to make sure this matchup goes differently.

Even though that blowout loss was two seasons ago, it’s apparently fresh enough in defensive tackle Aaron Donald‘s mind.

“They beat us pretty bad in a prime-time game. For me personally, that’s in the back of my head. That’s a little motivation. It’s a little payback game,” Donald said Thursday, via Greg Beacham of the Associated Press. “That’s a little fire lit under me personally. We’re definitely going to come out ready.”

The Ravens held Donald in check on that night at the L.A. Coliseum, limiting him to just one tackle.

But the last time Donald played in Baltimore back in 2015, he had nine total tackles with a sack, two tackles for loss, and two QB hits.

December’s NFC defensive player of the month, Donald has 12.0 sacks, 17 tackles for loss, 23 QB hits, four passes defensed, and three forced fumbles in 2021.

6 responses to “Aaron Donald: Loss to Ravens in 2019 makes this week “a little payback game”

  1. you know this might be an example of what having class might actually help a team. In the old days teams wouldn’t run up scores on teams, now the mantra is just stop us. Well maybe just stop us, don’t happen that game but it might be 2 years later when the once proud team that use to run up a score now is clinging to hopes of making the playoffs. So, yes they might stop you but they might do it years later when you really don’t need to hand a team anymore motivation.

  2. “ Yet when he is in the playoffs, he does nothing. What a fraud.”

    What? Did this guy kick your dog or something? Could it possibly be that NFL playoff teams are the ones with the more elite offensive lines and more elite coaching staffs? And could it be that the game plans drawn up call for scheming to double/triple team Donald and shut him down, and force the rest of the defensive line to pick up the slack? And wouldn’t that count as a major positive impact that Donald had on the game, that he personally took out 20%-30% of the offensive personnel on every play???

  3. If Aaron Donald is a fraud, not sure what that makes the other 1700 or so NFL players that aren’t anywhere near as good as him.

  4. Ravens crying about the bengals running up the score on them when they’ve done it to countless other teams. Color me surprised.

  5. LOL. Running up the score against the Rams. People remember this game differently.

    The Ravens ran for almost 300 yards. They were getting over 6 yards per play on average. Should they have stopped running the ball and started passing? or started taking a knee at halftime? Maybe the Rams defense, who knew they were going to run, should have stopped the run. Is it really running up the score when you call a run play and the defense knows it is coming and gives it to you anyway?

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